lets talk about it pt.2

here is part two, this part was less serious and more interesting.. lol

Q: fantasy
P1- my fantasy was a threesome with two chicks. idk. i want to but im kinda scary
P2- my fantasy is to come home to a candlelit home, lits dim, a beautiful dinner made on the table (all my favorite course), then retire to the bed, get asked to change into a little something from victoria secret, and be treated like a queen, taken into his arms, and just melt... mentally and physically just overwhelmed, and yes i know im going to live it out!
P3- sex on the beach. i dont know how i feel about getting sand in my vagina but if i can i will.
P4- i want to have sex with a man while his girlfriend watches or another woman. she cant get involved but she can watch. i hope i do.
P5- my fantasy is to have off the chain drunk sex with my boo, just off the wall. i want to handcuff him to the bed. fuck on the table. all over the living room. i want him to pin me up against the wall. eat me the fuck out in the air.. i just want limitless sex (minus anal i aint into that).. and yes i do think we will do it.. and real soon to.. well hopefully

Q: worst sex? best sex?
P1- o wow. the worst person i had sex with was me first, hannibal. he had the littlest dick ever, i mean it was fat but a vienna... literally. uuughhh.. he would be pumping for minutes with no reaction from me. the best was not even my husband. my ex was the best. we had mind blowing explosive sex. i was so into it. i mean dude could smack ur ass and then turn u over n smack you and you wouldnt mind. shyt was unbelievable.
P2- worst sex... he was too damn little, and he couldnt get hard! had me all wet and ready, and it was a total let down, and her really thought he was doin something. i had to fake it and breathe hard just to make him feel good., lmao! best sex: giiiirl, he ate me out first, i mean soft and sensual, got me SO RIGHT, and i was SO weak in the knees, then he started doin' his thing, i had bite marks all over him, he LOVED IT of course, screamin' his name and shit, girl it was AWESOME... he made me cry. thats my BOO!
P3- worst sex was one minute man and best sex his head game was vicious, broken back, big dick
P4- worst sex was my first partner. best sex was my second partner
P5- worst sex was my first, ran into him like two years ago and had sex with him for old times sake and it was horrible..talking about your girl was on the phone texting while he thought he was beating it up from the back *rolls eyes* boy please... the best sex besides my boyfriend was the one with my one night stand... omg when i say he put in work.. my god.. he put in work.. i mean DAMN!!!

Q:do you watch porn? with mate?
P1- i watch lesbian porn. no i dont watch it with him
P2- yes i watch porn, I LOVE porn, ive never watched it with my boo, but i would.. you learn A LOT, gets me HOTT ; )
P3- yes, sometimes
P4- yes i do. and when i have a bf, they watch it with me too!
P5- i do watch porn and yes i do watch it with my mate.. we both enjoy porn.. human nature baby!!

Q: do you use sex toys? on your partner?
P1-i own the bunny but my husband wont allow them in the bed
P2- i just bought my first sex toy, a humdinger, LOL! and its MAGICAL! never had one with my partner
P3-no and no
P4- i used to use a vibrator but now my hand does the trick. never used em on a partner but my ex had used one on me.
P5-i do i finally bought my first toy a couple of months ago..and dammit its fye.. fall right to sleep everytime.. and i have never used one on my partner although i was trying to convince him to use a vibrating cock ring but he wasnt having it.

Q:ever had a one night stand? if so do you regret it?
P1- i had one and i dont regret it because i cant seem to remember who he was. lol. i dont remember his name at all
P2- never had a one night stand, and i would die if i ever had one. im the type to catch feelings real quick... so nope! not for me boo!
P4- i am freaky... or so i have been told
P5- i have and i dont regret it at all.. it was one of the best sex i ever had.. shit was off the chain.. omg *having flashbacks*

Q:would you consider yourself sexually liberated or freaky?
P1- i dont consider myself either at all. im still wanting to unleash my inner freak. i dont know how though
P2- i am a total freak. i love to be controlled. love it rough, but sensual at the same time but im a cuddler as well... but like they say, a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed!
P3- sure do
P4- yes i am
P5-most definitely.. i know i am a freak and i have been told that i am one..so i embrace it. im no freak with everyone so im comfortable with that

random question:
i just want to know because i have been debating this with friends: two guys and one girl is having sex, is this a threesome or a train/gangbang?
P1- shyt, a train and ganbang!!! lol
P2- i would call it a train, lol! for some reason, when its more guys than girls, it seems very whorish, and when its more girls, like two, than guys, then its a threesome...lol
P3- threesome. i think if it was one more guy involved its a gangband. i think of it like gang is three or more people banging one person
P4- threesome.. train/gangbang consist of a group of people just doing you and not each other
P5- i would consider that a threesome.. a gangbang would be like three or more guys one girl


Supastarrr April 13, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

interesting answers..lol

RoByn LaTice April 13, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

Very interesting..!

xxxx April 13, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

lol interesting answers indeed.. and robyn yes next time you are participating...

T-Charry April 13, 2010 at 10:27 PM  

such different answers...LoL!