so i logged onto facebook one day and i had a bunch of notifications waiting for me, all including a pic that was put up of me and comments that were left under it. so i go and click on the notification to see the pic and what pops up on the screen... the picture shown above... of me in the 1st grade.. LOL... i could not believe that someone actually dug it up and had the nerves to tag me.. its crazy looking back at how much you have grown. it makes you realize even more how fast time flies by and that time truly waits on no man. i can still remember the first grade like it was nothing. i remember ms. wein my first grade teacher. i remember all the work she had us do and how hard everyone thought her class was. growing up i always wanted to grow up. i always wanted to be older. first i couldn't wait until i was sixteen, then i couldn't wait until i was eighteen, then i couldn't wait until i was twenty one. now that i am about to be twenty three in nine days and time is just flying, i wish i was in the first grade all over again. i miss the days of being care free and not having to worry about anything at all. man i miss those days.


Natural Look

so ive been going natural for a little over four months now...and last week i decided to cut off what was left of my straight ends. i should have been cut off my straight ends because the breakage between my natural hair and processed hair was HORRIBLE!!! lol i was fooling myself talking about i just needed the extra hair for when i braid my hair up for weaving... but anyway so i finally cut my straight ends off and after four months of going natural this is what i am left with. surprisingly i love my hair alot more now than i thought i would... i am feeling the whole tiny fro thing. and i have been looking on natural hair sites and blogs for support. but my partner in this all is my twin she is going natural as well, actually she inspired me. she has been natural for about a year now and her hair is amazingly strong, long, and healthy. im trying to get like her. although we are both natural and are twins we have completely different hair textures. her hair is tightly coiled and when she wets it hers shrink, my hair on the other hand is soft and has absolutely no curl pattern, the picture above is my hair after i towel dried it coming out of the shower, no shrinkage, no nothing. i am excited about this journey and i will be posting a follow up picture in october to update you all.

are any of you going natural? how do you feel about the process? your hair texture? leave me some feedback.


Loving Thy Self

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

has anyone else seen this video...what are your thoughts on it?
i have alot to say but i will let you all speak first.


FAMU at it again

These FAMU bitches put no worth on their pussy...SMH


"praying for better days"

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