date with charles

i know its four oclock in the morning but i promised you all a look into my life so here it is.. i am a night owl and my life revolves around the early morning hours... lol... anyway i just came back home about an hour ago from a date, and lets just say it was interesting. this was not my first DATE with Charles but it surely would be the last..... I mean he is a nice person and very caring but not the one for me. I learned alot tonight about him than he has ever told me and I kind of feel a little blind sided but i guess everything is told in due time right?!
anyway even though he is sweet the reason that this date will be the last is because he has way too much baggage for me... literally... the man has kids. not one, not two, not three but five, and i was not aware of this. personally i dont feel the need to play step mommy to someone else child and i am only nineteen so i am not even trying to get involved with that. it would have been different if he had one or two but five that is a different playing field and i am not ready for that league, got me? that is not even the worst part, there is more, charles eldest child is 20. people i am 19 and his eldest is 20 how the hell that looks? oh no out of fucking control. how the hell he ass find time to be blowing up my phone and going dates here and there and you got five kids at home.. oh no homeboy you doing too much.... that turned me off. and they not even from the same woman... i was like the end of the night when i was on my way home my phone starts to vibrate and i look down and it is charles texting me, and it read: "not to be so silly, would taking you to a hotel be an option?" i was like hell no... people i just looked down at the text, read it, and kept on he is a hot mess.

so tell me people if it were you how would you feel? would you see him again? and dont you think it fucked up that he is just now telling me this


Pressworthy August 4, 2008 at 2:37 PM  

What the shit!!!! Hmm I def. would have to delete him from my archive! Not a 20 year old and not 5 kinds from different women. I mean you knew by dating an older man that there would be a past that may have been way older than you lol, but no need to put yourself in that sitcho. I am going through that know with my current and last boyfriend, he has 2 kids by two different girls and yes GIRLS! Not WoMEN. You sooo need o post this story on the blog and others please!

And a night a hotel.... lmao hahahahahaha uh Hell NO Charles!