school and financial strains

so fall semester starts on the fifteenth and i am deathly afraid. i know it sounds crazy like who would be afraid of school. well i am . not because of the hard work and the academics. this will be my third year so i am used to it. i am afraid of the financial challenges that await me. to be honest i am not even sure if i will be able to attend classes when aug 15 come around. financial aid has not been granted yet and they tripping right now asking for all these diff paper work that i never heard of before. if financial aid dont pay i will be so disappointed and upset cause i really do want to be in school. its like fafsa dont realize we are in a recession and people are not making half the money they were 5 months ago. hell i no i dont have it like that. pay rate is going down and living expenses are going up. even if i do get into school i can already tell you i wont be able to pay for my books. being a nursing major comes with all these added expenses that are looking like the enemy to me right now. lab fees, insurance, have to pay for own materials, tuition, books. im telling you everything adds up.. last semester books alone was 700 for 5 classes. this semester i am taking 6 classes so i wonder how much it would cost me now... i just hope things get better and that i will be able to make it financially and emotionally this semester. peace


Ti August 7, 2008 at 12:27 AM  

girl i feel you..i cannot imagine how much my books are going to be this semester..shit im dropping a class.

Oh_So_Cilla August 14, 2008 at 3:09 PM  

First off to answer your question..I really have no clue why I do it..thats why I think need to see someone about it,lol

And I completly agree with you.
My financial aid has not 100% gone through,and I start on the 27...I guess thats the price of chosing to go to school...It makes you cherish the days when you were forced to go,and it came free.