Where has the romance gone?

“Damnnnnnnnn shawty what can I do to hit that”
“I bet you got the fye fye!”
“So I’m saying….like when can we hook up? I mean you fine as hell…and I MIGHT want to get to know ya a lil betta”

Everyone seems to be asking themselves the same question lately including myself, where has the romance gone? Yes, I am young and should be in no rush to be in love or fall in love, and although I am not looking for my future husband right now at this very second but it still will be nice to have these guys act like men and approach you as a lady. Sometimes I feel like I am in elementary school all over again. Remember how kids used to always tease the person they had a crush on.

This new age “dating” scene is like dancing with someone who can’t dance….it’s like square dancing to reggae…it’s just not working. You know it is exactly that a gotdamn dance… just something people are doing just to do… my gosh this sucks. I can’t really speak for my grandparents or even my parents’ days because I wasn’t even thought of back then, but damn where did those traditions and values go? What happen to men chasing ladies? What happened to courting? People used to date to get into a relationship and find their future husband/wife. Guys asked for permission from a father to date their daughters. Back then guys will come to the house and introduce themselves. Now they want to have sex with you before they meet your family or hell before they even know who you really are. I am thinking to myself like how you going to ask to f*** me before you ask my name.. first thing you say is damn you look good and from there the entire conversation is about the physical and sexual gain… ummm skip me please. I will rather be over looked by guys (especially no good ones) before I am disrespected by any of them.

And we can’t blame it all on the guys either; a lot of females out here now are just as much at fault as the men. Where have your standards gone? It is my opinion that guys don’t try anymore because there is no need to. There is no need to because females no longer have requirements, if there are no requirements there is no need to work hard for what you want. It is that simple.

There is like this internal competition between females that we have with one another that prevents us from seeking good men just because we just want to have a man before the next female. it is silly. the whole there are hardly any good black men left thing is bullshit... no good black men! really?! they are there you just need to take your time, meet someone and learn about who they are and what makes them tick...trust you will find that good man.

Listen females you can’t call yourself a lady if you don’t act like one, and you can’t demand to be treated as a woman if you act like a child. It is not fair to demand something from another person if you can’t achieve it on your own, don’t require that you be treated like a lady if you don’t act like one.

Stop giving out the cooch like if you are a damn gas station…you are not Exxon or BP… Please I am going to need for you to GET IT TOGETHER

My gosh how can you call yourself a couple/boyfriend/girlfriend if the two of you have never been together outside the bedroom or the back of a car?
And hell money is not everything but McDonalds!!!!Really???

If you know your worth you won’t feel the need to lower your standards and just mess with any random that approaches you. Knowing your selfworth will spare you the feeling of feeling like you need someone to validate who you are.