my weekend at a glance

this weekend was laid back but pretty cool... friday i slept in until about three oclock and then i woke up took a shower did my hair and got ready... i went out to the city with my sister.. yeah was just named it twin day and it was just us two by ourselves... anyway we got ready headed out the house by 6 oclock... the L train took forever to come but it finally came and then we had to transfer to the hot ass A train but we didnt catch the A because it took way too long so we caught the extra hot ass C train which is a local... it took forever to get to 34th street but we finally reached our destination at about a quarter to eight... we went to the movie theatre and saw "the ugly truth" it was great... i loved the movie laughed most of the time. i was actually suprised that it was soo good i thought it was going to be horrible but they fooled me. anyway after the movies we took a taxi down to 14th street and 6th ave walked a couple of blocks down and ran into a little mexican spot... they had great food and even better drinks... everyone was walking out shit was great.. so i walked out full and satisfied... after eating we hopped back on the train and headed back to brooklyn but before i went into the train station my mother calls me and tells me that she is leaving work and to meet her at the utica avenue train station, at first i wasnt going to because that will require taking the four train and i will be out of my way but she insisted so i said okay... why when i get there she is not there and then i call her for like fifteen minutes straight this lady dont pick up her phone. she finally answers and her ass is all the way in canarsie talking about she on her way now... i was so upset, so i told her to forget it and that i will just meet her at my grandmothers house at this time it like 1:30. as soon as i hang up with her my sister is like no let her pick us up ok cool... i didnt have a problem with the notion of waiting since buses were running slow especially the b46.. anyway so i call this lady again to tell her to just come pick us up... why she dont pick up her phone.. matter of fact she does not answer her phone for almost 35 min i was beyond pissed, my feet hurt, i had to pee and i was tired... so i was definitely not in a good mood. a b46 bus finally comes so im getting on it, as soon as my left foot is on the stairs and through the doors this lady calls me talking about you called.. now i never disrespect my mother but i couldnt help but be angry with her and that was conveyed in my tone of voice...she was a little shocked but i was beyond pissed.

below is the picture of the little mexican restaurant that we hung out at... the prices are decent to so you wont leave with broke pockets.

saturday: really didnt do anything much just a family reunion for my grandmothers side of the family... we all know how those goes... it was good to see everyone but there were alot of people mia.. hope they come next year.


chocolate girl ..... July 27, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

its good to see two sister hanging far as me and my twin goes we dont hang out alot, we barely talk sometimes...idk.
glad to see your reunion went well...*smooches*

chocolate girl ..... July 27, 2009 at 11:56 AM  
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