morehouse dress code

im sure by now you all have heard about the recent morehouse dress code (if not please press here) that has been instilled by new morehouse president dr. robert michael franklin jr. for the most part i agree with the dress code but i cant understand why wearing a hat would be an issue. besides the hat and hoodies i think everything else is pretty fair. so you tell me, how do you feel about the new policies? how would you react if you were told what you could and could not wear?


tha unpretentious narcissist © October 16, 2009 at 3:26 PM  

i think it's stupid, but it's in place to control shit that has gotten out of control. i graduated from morehouse. and back when i went to school the biggest complaint was dudes coming to class in sleep clothes (sweats, wifebeaters, sandles/socks.etc).

for a minute they said they were gonna start a blazer policy where all dudes would be issued a blazer and have to wear it to class. i don't see nothing wrong with that if it's a uniform based change. but not being able to wear hats, hoodies, etc.. means dudes have to get up and get dressed in the morning just to come to class. which means a lot of their asses aren't coming. cause let's be's an all male school. when half of the population is out getting drunk all night. if i had to adhere to a dress code i know my ass wouldn't have made it to half of my classes.

as for the dresses, heels..etc. that's probably the reason the whole dress code was put into effect. cause if you hit the campus these days dudes are just dressed like it's gay pride day all over the place. it's a all male school. yes, you have the right to wear what you want & be an individual but when you apply to the the all male school you know what you're applying to. it's not gonna kill you NOT to wait to put your heels & dresses on when you leave class. not hating just saying, they are trying to promote the morehouse man. why you looking like you go to spelman on the morehouse brochure?...just saying.