working out...

so now that i am back from ny and my little minnie pledging process is over i can now focus on me again. for the past two weeks i have been hitting the gym but for the past week i have been hitting it heavy. everyday, twice a day, two hours in the morning, and two hours at night. MY BODY IS KILLING ME!!! i havent worked out this much since may, right when the semester ended. i feel like a newbie to this all over again. good thing i have a work out buddy (smiles) and a good workout buddy he is.. anywho besides regular cardio and weight lifting, i have now implemented yoga and pilates into my routine.. now the pilates was a mistake i tell you, but nonetheless a good mistake. when i first started pilates i mixed it up with yoga and thought it was suppose to be relaxing. i got in there and the darn instructor has us on our head tops, have us with our legs behind our head and all this foolishness.. my heart was racing and body was soar. but i told myself im going to master this and so i am on the road to mastering pilates. i also figured it would be good for sex. i mean leg behind head. me on my head top.. thats some hot shit.. sooo yup working out is what i have been doing. it feels good to be back in the gym again like i used to.. i like staying active and fit. and now that T is working out with me thats cool too... lol one day we was in the gym and we was working out hard and looked up at him he was all sweaty and shit he had just finished lifting almost 900 pounds and he had this look on his face.. bwoyy i tell you i wanted to have sex with him in the damn gym.. plus it was at night time and no one was there... dammit i should of did it.. i could of added it to our list of fun.. but oh well next time.. but damn i should of... but as of right now my body is soar, my feet hurt, my legs hurt ( i couldnt even walk and shop properly today) my abs was sore on thanksgiving but it has loosened up now and my arms are good... i guess no pain no gain... nite lovelies.



TiKeDi November 28, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

keep it up, good luck.

tha unpretentious narcissist © November 30, 2009 at 4:37 PM read my mind i'm bout to post about going to gym. but my shit is anti-gym. i'm also laughing cause i so need to be in the gym. my girl is talking about me so boys are like "come on man let's go to the gym..".

i'm just not feeling that shit.