Lady or A Tramp

i am so tired of females walking around talking about "im a lady", "i carry myself like a lady", " a lady dont do this," and "a lady dont do that," and the best one yet.. "i am nothing like her, i carry myself as a lady"....... *PAUSE* fyi: just because you are of the female species that does not make you a lady. i dont even think that half the people walking around now a days know the true definition of a female.

now unless you are refined, polite and well spoken, you can not consider yourself a lady
a lady does not:
talk about other females in a negative connotation
get sloppy drunk
inflect pain or misery on others
&& a lady definitely does not FUCK EVERY DUDE SHE ENCOUNTERS!!!!
now i dont know when it became lady like to spread your pussy thin. i dont care what year we are in and how much times have changed, it never was and never will be lady like to fuck mad dudes.. like who does that. and when did it become ok?!?!
if you consider yourself a lady yet you sleeping with almost every nigga who spit game to you, reality check, you are not a lady you are a tramp. stop using the term "lady" loosely because clearly you dont know the true meaning behind the term. if you think it is okay to just give your body to different people then you have a problem. there is something inside of you so ugly that it has blinded you from your true worth. it irritates the hell out of me and makes me sick to see beautiful females treat THEMSELVES like trash. why would you? how dare you? Gods beautiful creation, and you treat YOURSELF like dirt.... SMH such a tragedy
you cant call yourself a lady when you make yourself readily available to EVERY dude you meet/encounter/talk to... that is not lady like


Shakiera May 25, 2011 at 12:58 PM  

Preach maam!! I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE this post. Us women need to realize our value because if mean are to respect us, we must first respect ourselves. I will most def be following you because your post are so real and heartfelt!

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