life and my sissy poo

lately life has been good a little stressful but i cant complain because for the first time in a long time things are actually decent. in no way has my life been full of hardship or just the absolute worst because my family is a great family. one thing i can say is my family is the best. if it were not for them i would not be the woman that i am today but for the past 8 yrs i have been batteling my own personal deamons. i dont know if it the fact that i am getting older and with age comes experience and wisdom or something else but i feel like a weight have been lifted off of me spiritually, mentally, physically, everything. dont get me wrong there are things from my past that i think about. there are things that has happened that i will never forget but i have learned not to except them but deal with them. i have learned that life is not easy, it is not rainbows and everything green. life is hard and the worst things usually happens to the best of us. i have been blessed to be able to come into this world with a partner. my twin sister who through our good times and bad has always stuck beside me (not behind me)... she has supported me no matter what even sometimes when i was wrong. but she has always had my back and i thank her for that. she is my sissy poo