school x3

so the school yr has officiallybegun again.. and me personally i couldnt wait.. but now that it has started i am stressed out more than ever.. i guess i hadnt noticed how much i was doing all at once. i mean its alot. college period is hard but just imagine if you were me. i put way too much on my plate and i am kind of mad at myself. but anyone who is in school knows that in life you do what you have to and college you do as much as you can afford to get out. right now i am taking courses at two schools. west ga and west central. anyone who knows ga or at least the west side knows that these two schools are at least thirty minutes apart (without traffic). so almost everyday of the week i have to rush from one campus to another. my day starts at 8 and does not end until 4. then i have to come home and take online classes... arghhh i feel like i want to just pass out sometimes... but you do what you have to do right so i chose to attend school x3..