Music legend Isaac Hayes, who passed away on Sunday, died from a stroke, according to US authorities.
The soul legend's doctors listed 'stroke' as the cause of death on the singer's death certificate, although a post mortem has yet to be carried out, a spokesman for the Memphis Sheriff's Department said.
Hayes had previously suffered a stroke in 2006 due to high blood pressure, according to his doctor.
The Oscar-winning star was found unconscious next to a treadmill at his home on Sunday and was later pronounced dead in hospital.
His death certificate also recorded that there was no indication that Hayes had suffered head injuries or any other trauma.
A memorial service for the star will be held at the Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, Tennessee on Monday.
Yesterday his family issued a statement which said: "While he was an iconic figure to many, to us he was husband, father and friend. We will ever miss his love, wisdom, humour and the familiar comfort of his voice."
Hayes won an Oscar for the 1971 hit 'Theme from Shaft', although in recent years he was perhaps best known to a younger audience as the voice of Chef from the hit cartoon show 'South Park'.
His death prompted many tributes, from stars such as Gloria Gaynor and Aretha Franklin.