ok so i like sex. i dont consider myself a whore, slut or any of the many names you people have out their now a days. but i do enjoy the act of sex and all the intails. i enjoy the uninhibited actions that my partner and i take part in with one another. now lets not get it twisted i do not sleep around with multiple people. i have sex with one person. but i sometimes feel like my sex drive or my "cravings" might be higher than normal. i mean sometimes it scares the shit out of me. now me and my boo, mr.t (who is also the only man i am currently having sex with) both have high sex drives and when i first met him i thought he was a sex crazed freaky bastard but hell for the past couple of months i feel like my drive is higher than his. so what does that make me? lol....i mean there is no shame in my game, but is this normal? if it were up to me i would literally do it just about all day everyday but with my school schedule, his job, and our family obligations we just dont have the time. but gosh we would love to..and the sex is great. i mean he is the best i have ever experienced.. sometimes i do not want to leave that d*ck alone. when i go out of town i be sad....haha...i enjoy my experiences with him because we have fun with it and i think a large part of it has to deal with the fact that i am so comfortable with him. i have never felt this comfortable with anyone in my life. my question to you is this, is your sex drive as high as mine? and do you enjoy sex with your partner?


Oh_So_Cilla August 14, 2008 at 3:23 PM  

My sex drive is hella high lol, but because of some insecurities, I've stopped myself on numerous occassions from going all the way.
I'm waiting on two things
1. to become more confident
and 2 to trust and be really cormfortable with anyone Im seeing