Spring Break 09- South Beach

So as we all know it is now spring break season. And dreadfully my spring break has already passed. But the good news is that this spring break was fantastic honestly I could not ask for anything more. Well probably I wouldnt of invited my cousin but besides that it was cool. I mean I love her but she is a royal pain in my ass and a raving bitch. The only reason why my hand was not around her neck is because we are family, that is the only reason or else I would be in 305 prison right now..Arghhhh... Anywho spring break was great. Went to the beach everyday and clubbing everynight...OMG there was so much people there... I am talking about just bodies...Guys and girls were in heaven... If you missed it please go next year.. Anyway one night we went to a club called Sobe Live and bwoy let me tell ya it was live. The dj was on point and so were the drinks. But I must admit for the first hr or two it was alot more females than guys and that was a little disturbing to me considering I don't really care to dance with another taco meat. But anyway it was definitely fun. Here are some pics from Sobe Live night.

my twin sister and our friend sarah.

i wont even lie... i was so shit faced.... i drank while we were getting ready, on my way to the club, and at the club... i was trashed but had good fun...lol

Argghhhh ok so I am trying to upload some other photos but my internet want to act like dummy of the year so I will have to post them later...