Well Here It Is

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random it is, just type it!
1. Beer: dont drink it
2. Food: i love food...omg i do
3. Relationships: *sigh* pain in my a**
4. Your CRUSH: so damn sexy...omg the darkest choclate skin its like silk
5. Power Rangers: the new ones are horrible... i cant even watch it
6. Life: is what you make it... too damn short to worry about insignificant things
7. The President: so damn sexy... omg obama i need to meet him at least once
8. Yummy: this i am...lol
9. Cars: mines need repair asap but 300 dollars omg i feel like crying when i think about it
10. Movies: i watched pineapple express last night... everyone has to watch that movie it is too funny
11. Halloween: excuse to wear what i want and act how i please....
12. Sex: dont even want to talk about it...im not getting any... thanks babes for living in another state. ASSWIPE
13. Religion: the lawd knows my heart
14. Hate: too time consuming...too much energy... just keep it moving
15. Fear: failure
16. Marriage: after i graduate so two more years...lol
17. Blondes: not as dumb as they look or percieve....trust me i know alot of them
18. Slippers: please not with socks...and definetly not in public
19. Shoes: so high but so cute... painful but i love them
20. Asians: not cute to me... just ugly
21. Past time: ??? (there goes my blank)
22. One night stand: been there done that...im over it
23. My cell phone: crackberry baby.... and wing that should also be nicknamed like crackwing.. its just horrible
24. Smoke: i dont condone it and its disgusting. not attractive at all
25. Fantasy: i will love to live some of them out...
26. College: oh lawd do i dear mention... UWG..arghhh the horror...lol...but college will break you down
27. High school life: 1 word; SPADES BABY ALL DAY...lol..you know you went to school in ny if this your answer...lol
28. Pajamas: have a draw full of them but i sleep naked so they are useless to me
29. Stars: reach
30. Center:
31. Alcohol: omg my favorite drink...some vodka, svedka preferrably..amaretto...margaritas... whatever you give me i will drink it..lol.
32. The word love: i dont think it exist any longer in our generation.. but i myself shall find
33. Friends: hard to find but shouldnt be hard to keep
34. Money: dont ask me... i dont even know what it looks like anymore its been that long
35. Heartache: hurts
36. Time: not enough in the day
37. Divorce: seems like the new rave
38. Dogs: I want me a teacup
39. Undies: boy shorts are my fav...there the only ones that fit my butt properly
40. Parents: they crazy, love them
41. Babies: hopefully one day... and all girls... omg i can picture little me's running around
42. Ex: worthless...end of story.
43. Song: keri hilson "make love"
44. Color: Purple and pink
45. Weddings: city hall then a big reception
46. Pizza: papa johns is where its at.
47. Hangout: Parmers house and bars
48. Rest: I'm a napper
49. Goal: End the semester will all A's and B's and find a job.
50. Inspiration: mother, twin sister ti, and best friend hazel (she had twins while in high school and still finished...did not use them kids as an excuse...work full time and engaged.. love it)