conversation between friends about letting go

Today I had a conversation with a friend of mine from back home, he has always been a sucker for love which is something admirable in a guy to me. He recently broke up with a girlfriend and this is how the mini conversation went:

HIM: Omg ya away iz sooo truue
ME: thanks lol
HIM(5:08:50 PM): Yeah
ME(5:08:54 PM): its how i feel
HIM(5:09:04 PM): I hate gettin my heart broken
ME(5:09:25 PM): everyone does
ME(5:10:23 PM): its a bitch

HIM(5:10:57 PM): Yeah
HIM(5:11:23 PM): I jus need someone dat can make me 4get bout my ex,cuz i still love her but i know i cant be with her

ME(5:12:00 PM): no u forget on ur own u dont need someone for that
HIM(5:13:28 PM): U think so?
ME(5:13:40 PM): yes i do
HIM(5:14:04 PM): I was always told da easyest way to get rid of someone iz to find someone new
ME(5:14:52 PM): hell no thats the easiest way to have a bruised heart and stay in the past
ME(5:15:18 PM): thats the way to not find someone new

HIM(5:15:48 PM): Damn
ME(5:15:59 PM): you have to completely free your heart and let go of the past and those in your past in order to fully move on and accept the present and the future
HIM(5:16:03 PM): I never realy looked at it like dat
ME(5:17:35 PM): its ok. alot of people dont. well at least not the first or maybe the second time
ME(5:17:47 PM): but as you get older and experience life you will learn, trust you will learn.... i had to...everyone does sooner or later