get it together

like seriously dude you need to keep your penis in your pants....
this is all i want to say to Mr. you know how i told you all that i put him on blast on facebook yesterday because i found out that he slept with yet another girl on campus and she happens to be a friend of mine...well hmmm guess what i found out today? there are even more girls that he has slept with, yall at this point his body count has surpassed 25 and this is what i know of.. these are only girls that go to our school lord knows how much he has slept with other places and on other campuses. today i was speaking to a very good friend of mine and she told me how he has slept with two of her sorority sister and 3 other girls that she is cool with.. WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM... like seriously keep your penis in your pants... im thinking like this it is 2009 there are so many different viruses out there with so many different strains...god knows what you you even care? hell i am scared for him... i just dont understand it. and i am actually very disappointed in him. i really thought he was better than that....well hell i guess not