just a little recap of whats been going on

these past couple of days have been pretty uneventful..nothing interesting. just the normal, school, some relationship things ( i wont call them issues), friends and the randoms...


i took my last final today so i am now officially on break. that final was intense. well anatomy and physioloy is intense by itself let alone the exams my head is always spinning.. anywho i didnt go to bed till after six and then turned right back around and woke up at nine thirty so yeah i was definitely sad that i wasnt able to sleep longer but i rather be tired than fail a class cause i missed my final. so far i am walking out the semester with one A, four B's, and one C. i am not too happy about the C but the A will weigh it out. it was only a one credit course (lab) so its not really that big of a deal. i still feel like i was jipped out of a grade so im in the process of appealing (yes i start early..waste no time)


so this weekend my boyfriend called me like if everything was good, we talked for three hrs. he did most of the talking i just listened. i dont know how to feel right now or what to think so im just observing. i have decided that im not trying to make anything work if he is not willing to. it makes no sense to be in it alone. but once again he was acting like everything is good and there is nothing wrong. he was speaking like if we are on good terms like how was used to talk. he is convinced that i have something goin on with someone else especially with "A" i keep telling him that there is nothing there but whatever i just think thats the game he is playing because he doing his own shit. my ex that i will just call "C" i spoke to him as well on friday, just catching up because its been so long. it was great talking to him again it was weird because before he called me i had been thinking about him for a couple of weeks. i mean he has been on my mind alot and i dont know why. he now has a new job and its only three minutes away from my house. we plan on going out and doing lunch this weekend so that should be interesting. "A" and i were supposed to go to the movies this past weekend to see obsessed but i had to cancel because i really needed to study for finals. felt bad but school comes first. im still trying to get over the fact that he is leaving soon for the marines but i cant help but support him because he really wants this and this is the first thing i have ever seen him work so hard for. so i am definitely proud of him. he says he is going to write a letter for everyday he is away and that he hopes i will write back. "of course i will" is what i told him because i will. anyway summer is here so im not really trying to think too much of my boyfriend or get into anything with anyone else. this is my season to do as i please...

or acquantances...i have cut alot out of my life. i mean bitches show their true colors when the kitchen gets too hot. i dont have time to have place holders in my life. i just feel like if you are going to be a friend be a friend.... not a part time friend, a seasonal friend....but a FRIEND... a "ride or die fool" FRIEND...i have a couple of ride or dies...and those are my oldest friends so now im feeling like there is no need for me to invite new people into my life.

thirty something year old bitch in my class wanted to fight me because i "stare too much"...this lady for some reason looked at my sister and i in the beginning of the semester and automatically made up her mind that she aint like us.. cool whatever...im not going to lose sleep and i am not here for you. point blank simple. all semester she been bitching my sister and i up but never to our face always to fellow students in th biology building. for a second i felt like i was back in high school and she was the super super super senior (x15) i mean lets be real lady you grown. im grown. we both grown. so all semester she never said anything to me come the last day of microbiology class she want to step to me. but she was suprised when i answered her ass back i guess she aint expect it but whatever. i may smile and laugh alot but im no push over. plus i had my "BROOKLYN only the strong survive shirt" so you know i was ready. so she came to me and it went like this

her: excuse me hunny are you okay?
me: why are you talking to me like we are friends
her: because everytime i see you, you are always staring at me!
me:last time i checked these are my eyes so i can look at whoever i please. i didnt know that there were stipulations on my eyes
her: i was just asking because you seem to h....

before she could finish i cut her off
me: to have a problem?! no there is no problem, i just dont like you.. now if you think thats warrents a problem then yes we have a problem

she was shocked i answered her back so she just kept it moving...


Super Woman May 11, 2009 at 10:23 AM  

What was her purpose in even talking to you? Why? For What? She knew she was starting something she hought you were gonna back down.

Anyway im glad school has been over for 3 weeks for me now. Im ready to relax....until i get to summer school SMH!

xxxx May 13, 2009 at 4:17 AM  

dang three weeks?! you are lucky...
and yes she thought i was not going to answer her back guess i suprised her.