ride or die fool.... i love my girls

my four ride or die fools

1) first of my sister is my best friend no one can take her place but she a quite && meek ride or die but still a ride or die...she is just so innocent and quiet its so cute.. ppl cant believe we are twins cause we are complete opposites...im never alone with my sister even when i am in the wrong she has my back...she will let me know i am wrong but never in public.

2)jazz- she been my right hand since tenth grade...always there never leave my side...i mean whenever i need to cry or she need to cry it can be three in the morning and we are always there for one another.

3)boopsy- she and i been at it since ninth grade. first day of high school. first day of class. never seperated since. she is my third sister and her family is my second family. her daughters are my neices always calling me auntie A and she will always be in my heart. every fight i ever had she been there, she be the first one to throw a punch even before me... i love her to death...

4)sunshine- now ray she is the newest member of my ride or die but nonetheless she is a ride or die. i met her sophmore year of college. i used to see her everyday and weather it was raining or sunny she always had shorts on. our common interest is we are both jamaican and we both hate clothes...we automatically clicked... only chick i really mess with in georgia... when my mom kicked me out she gave me her couch. when im on campus all day and im hungry she give me food. when i need gas money she got me...

i love my girls...they can never be replaced...


simone_dior May 8, 2009 at 12:29 PM  

Awwww!!! that's right girl, appreciate your REAL friends!

TiKeDi May 9, 2009 at 8:06 AM  

ride or die fool..ahh love your ass too