library bring the ugly out of me

why must i act ignorant to get shit done? i mean really, do me showing my ass off have to be neccessary in order to get answers for questions && get things resolved. a couple of months ago the school i attend put a hold on my sister account for some books that she never checked out. first off for the three years that we have been in college my sister has not once stepped foot into that library let alone check out ten damn books... so for the past two months she has tried to resolve this issue with the library. first they tell her that she never returned the books, then today they tell her the books were returned they are just now im looking at these people like you need to make up your mind. whats the damn problem the books are on your damn shelves.. so in the middle of the big "investigation" for the books they find out that there are three accounts under her now im like ummm ok fix it. so for the past two months we get no answer on whats going on, why is there three accounts in her name and why are they charging her for books she never checked out. clearly if there are three accounts in her name then that is a problem with the library not her.she couldnt even register for her fall classes. at this point im pissed so today i drive up to the school to get this issue resolved. i get there and the ignorant ass director of the library is going to tell us that the three accounts situation has nothing to do with her or the library and that she looked at the previous classes that my sister had taken and one of her previous psychology classes (human growth and development) would be perfect for those books. so by this point im getting pissed because that class had nothing to do with the study of twins(what the books were on) this bitch talking about she read the course description and thats her final decision....after this fat ass bitch tested my nerves for about fifteen minutes, insulted my intelligence and try to play slick the ugly came out of thinking to myself like this bitch is a test from above...why must ppl always bring the devil out of me...not today A not today just be easy but she pushed my buttons. so i went off...i didnt care, i cussed her and everybody in the library out cause its been over two months. so i guess she didnt want to hear what i wanted to say she gonna put her hands on my back and tell me to watch my language because it is unacceptable and people are complaining, thats when i really went off told that fat bitch if she dont get twinky loving fingers off of me i am going to call the cops and press charges && its my gotdamn mouth i can say whatever i f***ing please....i said a whole lot more but just imagine it. so i sat in the library continued my rant for another ten minutes and then proceeded to leave...but before i left i warned them that i will be back up there everyday for the entire summer until it is resolved and if its not i will call the news up to west ga because their a fucking instituition of scam artist.. they will do anything to make a quick fucking buck..

tomorrow im going over everybody damn head and going straight to the president of the university.


Anonymous May 18, 2009 at 11:42 PM  

wow...well some ppl will do that to you