whose wedding

so if you watch the style network im sure you have seen the show "whose wedding is it anyway" i am very much addicted to this show...while watching it it makes me want to get married and then the thirty minutes are over and i snap back into reality...hell no i dont want to be married well not yet at least im only twenty... anywho there is this extraodinary wedding planner named Linnyette Richardson-Hall and she is the best.. i mean this lady turns plastic into gold. one of the main reasons why i like her so much is because she plans on a budget... she literally shops at like dollar stores if she has to.... she can make a 30, 000 dollar budget look like you spent 100,000 i mean she is just amazing...my mom already said she is hiring her for my wedding (whenever that is) but hell thats all the wedding gift i need... that will definitely be amazing...well here is some of her work... enjoy

and for those of you who watch the show who are your favorite planners?


What Nigerian Women deal with. May 29, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

im getting married soon and i just love this whole idea, the blue and all, please how do we contact the babe, is she reachable and all?

xxxx May 30, 2009 at 2:38 AM  

her website is http://www.theweddingdiva.com/

Phone Number
(410) 233-3202

Fax Number
(410) 233-3203

Email Address

i hope you will be able to use her and i hope this information helps you out.. oh and she does do out of state weddings.