I used to think life wasn't fair and the world was against me. I used to hate life hate living hate being me. I just felt like there was no reason for me to be here and there was no use in trying to live. Now as I have become older I realize life is life. Its ups and downs, good times and bad times, laughs and cries. But life is life and I must accept it for what it is. All the problems I had, all the issues, all the drama, I now realized I bought onto myself. No one was against me. Only person against me was me... I was fighting myself. Why? I don't know. Life was good and still is. Nothing is as bad as we make it out to be. People complain to much. We dwell on the small things, the insignificant stuff. Always dwelling on the bad and never acknowledging the positive in a situation. Now a days I feel the need to take time out of my day and just thank God for at least one thing in my day no matter what it is. We complain about gas prices raising, cable being cut off or making a B instead of an A in a course. What we need to be doing is thanking God for blessing us with another day of life. Even if your day is going bad just thank Him for the blue sky, the trees, for being healthy and sane and even if you aren't completely happy and healthy thank Him for the ability to see and hear, to walk and feel, to live and breath. Just thank Him. Life is too short and to good to be waisted on nonsense. Too often we get so wrapped up in just making it that we don't give ourselves the chance to live. We make things more difficult for ourselves than it has to be and there is no reason for that. Thank Him and live. Life is good.