love you mike

ok so i know i did a post earlier on michael jackson but i kept it light and simple because i feel as though i do not personally know the man so i cant speak much about him. but what i will say is that hands down this man has done more in his lifetime than many will in theirs. he has experienced so much both great and bad that many will never see. mj was one of the first african american artist whose music was played on mtv. this was at a time when black artist were not recognized as main stream artist. and now even after his deah he is still breaking records... when was the last time if ever have you heard of the white house and house of senate having a moment of silence for a musician, let alone a black musician. when was the last time a president sent out their condolesces to the family of an artist.

michael was in the entertainment business since he was five, throwing us hits since he was nine... people passed out when he walked by, even today in my generation people wants to be michael, emulating his dance moves and his style. no one worked glitter the way he did. no one can ever pull of the socks and shoes like he did but yet they still try...and even after all of this many of his so called "biggest fans" crucified him when money hungry devils and the system tried to go after him... many tried to break his spirit but failed. its sad that he has passed at such a young age. and for some reason i feel it more since he and i shares the same birthday. michael you will always be respected by me...never lost it...i was one who always believed in you. never once did i think you were crazy or guilty of any of the accusations bought against you...different you were but crazy you were not...and at heart and mind you were a kid yourself so there was no way you would do what they accused you of... its sad that even in the highlight of his death that people are still trying to tear him down. all day yesterday fox 5 news ( who needs to be kicked off the air asap) was very negative in the life of michael all they kept talking about was the allegations bought against him and how he was "broke"... these people are so not believe everything you hear michael was not broke. it is true that he was not making near as much as he used to but broke he was not. you have to take into consideration that this man owned the beetles catalog. if he was so broke and stretched for money he would have been sold that...dont you think? anyway you will forever be in our hearts and music has def lost a star and the world has to.


The Book June 28, 2009 at 2:30 AM  

it's a shame that valid news sources are bringing up all his legal battles and discussing old rumors.
it's sad he's gone but he lives on forever through music and entertainment! .. that's all that matters.

xxxx June 28, 2009 at 1:24 PM  

i agree...michael will be missed.. and i refuse to focus on the negative aspects of his life because that is irrelevant. he will always be loved by me...and i cant wait to see the bet awards tonight.