dating in the city

so i have been here in new york for a week now (or is it two?) idk i am bad with keep up with time and dates but anyway since being here the dating scene has def been hot...the men have been pleasing to the eyes & very creative with their delivery in trying to talk to me. the pick up lines you hear in new york i promise you, you will not hear anywhere else in the world...i mean its crazy and borderline entertaining. so my first date was two days after i came into the city.. it was with this guy who i have known for about two years now...he literally like loves me to death but im not that attracted to him...but he is such a sweetheart its hard to say no or otherwise "play" him anyway we met up in harlem, went to get something to eat and then went to the was a fun night..and i wont lie it feels good to be wanted but whatever..we seen the hangover...that was my second time seeing it but since he hadnt seen it i didnt mind seeing it twice although he assured me he would watch and do whatever i wanted to watch and do..but it was a funny movie so i can sit through it twice... my second date was about three days after that and that went good as well...we met up in the city ( i dont let anyone know where i live or stay at) and we sat down and ate at this nice restaurant place near 42nd...we sat and talked...found out more about each was nice and peaceful and a very intimate restaurant and evening. i dont know if i will be seeing him again just because he is not too much my type... i feel bad saying this but he has been calling me and i havent bothered to call him back..not really feeling him but we will see.

now since i been here besides going out on dates i have met a couple of very good looking and nice men... yall i even bagged me a cop...whoooo he is fine...anyway so i have collected a couple of number (17 to be and i have set up a couple of more dates...hey im not too sure about j and i and our future...we havent really spoken since i been here so why not explore and see what else is out there...i refuse to sit and wait for a man to get on board...he needs to get with the program and asap before someone takes his spot..cause at the looks of things it just might happen.... or it might not cause actually im liking this semi-single/single free to do what i want and not feel guilty...i love it...all i know is that out of all these guys i have met i def want to see the cop again...i mean he was so damn choclate and fine...imagine someone wit nice dark skin, a beautiful smile, soft baby brown eyes, a body like whoaa and he just had a baby face.. he is just he is a cop...need i say anymore...HANDCUFFS hello...

ohhhh and i havent even told you about the 50 year old something man that tried to talk to me.. trying to claim he 43 my mom is 42 and this man looks way older than her...he tried to get in with my jamaican accent talking about "ay my girl yu deh from jamaica oh so am i...mi come from a yard inna trenchtown" umm first off idc where you from you not talking to me with three of your front teeth on the bottom row missing right in the front...i dont think was a mess...then he got the nerves to quote me the bible...he gonna quote the book of david talking about when david got sick and none of his wives could keep him warm they had to go and get a younger girl to sleep with him because she was the only one that could keep him warm and bring him back from sickness.... and this is relevant to me how?!?! you damn pervert...anyway thats it for now...i will be writing more soon...later my lovely bloggers.


WomensDaily June 28, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

There really is no place like the city. Thank goodness I live 15 minutes outside of it. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't that close lol.

xxxx June 28, 2009 at 1:34 PM  

girl im telling you its crazy out here but i love it as well... i am enjoying the attention