so i am back in new york been here for almost two weeks now and i must say i am not used to this lifestyle anymore..the more and more i come back home the more i resent it...i try to love it and enjoy it like i used to but i cant...im not used to the noise, the rudeness, the stares, the chaos, the rats, the train, the bus, the dirt....i just cant get with it.. and i damn sure cant get used to the racial profiling and blatent disrespect that blacks have to deal with on a daily bases...fuck that at least in the south if someone dont like you you already know...in the south you know where you stand and they dont fucking harrass you...but here?! oh no this is a different type of something.. yo these fucking nypd pigs make you want to disrespect their ass... they make you want to pull their shit from their own holster and put one right between their eyes...i promise you everyday i see the cops fucking harrass and degrade at least three black men... both young and old... its crazy and i just cant get with it... i rather be in atlanta where i am not harrassed... i dont have to worry about my brother, my boyfriend, or any of my close male friends being harrassed...being treated like less than dirt or heck nothing at all... its sickening....somebody need to do something about this nypd pigs.... if i was a black man in ny i would be scared...do we need anymore sean bells, abner louima, jena six, or any other men like them... they need to be fucking stopped..and quickly.


Coogie Cruz June 30, 2009 at 11:03 PM  

I moved back to NYC May 2008...then I moved back to Atlanta September 2009. I think my momma said it to me best "You outgrew the NYC you knew (the hood)and you're not ready for the NYC you want (the Sex and the Cty life haha)". But it's ironic because in NYC I feel like I know where I stand as a Latina whereas in the South I don't and I get harassed, questioned and etc.