poor guy

anwardastar3 (6:10:56 PM): your a bitch

me(6:39:59 PM): do i know you

anwardastar3 (6:40:34 PM): u said my dick was small on that blog

me (6:40:42 PM): lol it is small..

me (6:40:54 PM): its not my fault you are genitially challenged

me (6:41:00 PM): take that shit up with God not me

anwardastar3 (6:41:06 PM): fuck u

anwardastar3 (6:41:10 PM): u cant say that

me (6:41:15 PM): nah fuck you...you stupid as hell

me(6:41:28 PM): i cant say what?! that you have no dick

me (6:41:35 PM): that shit look like carrot sticks get a life...you sitting over here IMing everyone that commented on your shortcomings

anwardastar3 (6:41:58 PM): no it was just a bad pic

anwardastar3 (6:42:02 PM): im not short

me (6:42:03 PM): dont be talking shit and posting pics like its actually there

me (6:42:22 PM): ok whatever keep convincing yourself little man

anwardastar3 (6:42:40 PM): im not a little man im 6'4

me(6:43:16 PM): lol ok wow thats even worst... if you are 6'4 with no dick but umm yes you are a little man...

me (6:43:18 PM): well your dick is

me (6:43:34 PM): get a life... and stop bitching over shit you cant change

anwardastar3 (6:43:47 PM): suck my dick u dumb slut

anwardastar3 (6:43:55 PM): all u bitches on there are sluts

me (6:44:44 PM): ok i will be a slut

me (6:45:02 PM): that i can change but you cant change ur situation you desperate smut bitch

me (6:45:43 PM): i will be the slut taking massive dicks you will never have you fucking loser

anwardastar3 (6:45:47 PM): fuck u slut u wouldnt sayany of this bs to my face

me (6:46:06 PM): i will say whatever i want to your face..tell me where you live at you think im scared

me (6:46:30 PM): instead of getting mad at me go look about a damn penial implant..lol...you funny as hell

anwardastar3 (6:46:42 PM): u just a lil girl u would be intimedated

me (6:47:11 PM): intimidated by who? you?!

me (6:47:26 PM): lmfao...lol...rotf...pleassseeee

anwardastar3 (6:47:36 PM): whats so funny?

anwardastar3 (6:47:53 PM): fuck u

me (6:47:54 PM): dude your fucking funny...why? you have no dick and you cant spell

me (6:48:11 PM): you spend all your days commenting on what other people say about your shit

me (6:48:42 PM): so yeah your funny...your a fucking character.... im out...1

anwardastar3 (6:48:45 PM): u dont know nothing bout me

anwardastar3 (6:48:56 PM): so shut the fuck up

anwardastar3 (6:49:21 PM): u scared now huh?

anwardastar3 is available (7:13:51 PM)

anwardastar3 (7:13:43 PM): omg take that message down

anwardastar3 is available (7:13:51 PM)

anwardastar3 (7:13:47 PM): im not tiny im sorry please take it down. i will do whatever you want


ShAy~SHaY June 16, 2009 at 12:16 AM  

OMG he hit me up the other day too with that same shit and I was like yo get a life. smh its funny how he always starts off talking mad shit and in the end pleads for something. smh @ this small dick asshole for real

Anonymous June 16, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

take that down please im sorry.

Bella June 17, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

i dont understand this dude's M.O.

like STOP talkin shit already! some people never learn, so sad.

Kim July 23, 2009 at 6:16 PM  

roflmao. when did u say this dude had a little dick?

i died when he was begging like a little bitch at thee end.