weave removing at applebees

pic #1: cess sweeping in the back and J assisting sunshine with her hair..

so saturday night i went to the movies with my sister and some friends. it was a fun night. we seen "the hangover" and that movie is funny. you will laugh from beginning to end non stop... anyway after going to the movies we went to applebees to get some drinks and just chill we ended up leaving applebees around two o'clock drunk and full. while we were there my friend sunshine decided that she wanted to get a head start on pulling out her hair for me to do it. but what she didn't take into consideration was the fact that we were in public and in a restaurant. then it gets worst her boyfriend (the white guy in the picture) gets up and starts helping her take her hair out...but the bad part was he used a steak knife to cut the thread....OMG can it gets any worst?! yes it does...ces gets up and starts sweeping the floor talking about they just turned applebees into a hair salon... (falls on the floor...smh) i am done..i cant take no more


Sonya June 20, 2009 at 1:50 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog. Did this really happen? OMG that's some crazy shit! I can't believe her BF was helping her. I wonder if her BF was black, would he use a steak knife to assist her? LOL