boobie tales

ok yall so i am back with updating... sorry i would of done it earlier with the earliest post but i was tired so i had to take a nap. i am still tired but everyone keeps calling me so i cant even go to sleep properly the way that i want to. anyway this post is about breast/ boobies/ tatas/ titties.... so mine arent that big even though they look huge in pictures. they are average. i was a c cup for about seven years (up until this year) and then one day i wake up and they were like a huge D... i dont care either way but they just ballooned. i love my breast whether big or small. i love them. anyway so my breast went from a c to a big D in less than a month they just kept getting bigger and bigger. at first i thought i may have been pregnant so i was freaking out... took a couple of test, even went to the doctor had some blood work done, and that wasnt it. so then i thought that maybe it was my birth control... but that wasnt it either..whatever it was my body had changed... anywho i always heard that my breast wer perky but it seems as though now they sit right in my face. i love my boobs and i dont care about that but what i hate the most is that when i go out with friends and family as i am walking down the street all people do is stare at my chest (men and women). some of my friends always be like damn xxxx cover up...damn girl you need to put them boobies in.. why you always have to show so much chest. i be like bitch stop but honestly i dont have my chest out on purpose.. my intention is not to have it in everyone faces but that is what happen. needless to say what irritates me the most is when i go on a date and my breast are the main focus.. ahemm can you please pay attention to me. my first initial trip up here which was like a month ago, every date i went on was all about my breast not me. i mean its cool to know that people think my breast are perfect, shiny,solid beings. but damn can they breath. i hate clothes so i hate the thought that i might just need to wear a turtleneck so that people can look at me and not my boobs. oh this picture is a pic of me and my homegirl momo... we had went out to a bar and the bartender *who is female* tried to get with me... lol and earlier that day i went to my mothers job and her coworker who is also female slid me her number and molested me infront of my mother... yuck.. i posted this picture up on facebook and i had like fifteen comments in five minutes... i had one dude on facebook a couple of months back hit me up just because he was flipping through my pictures and wanted to see me (my breast) in person... he keeps messaging me asking to see me so we can "get to know each other" and " have some fun"....ahhh i think i will pass on that one.... but if i may so myself they are just gorgeous.... lol. i def have a story to tell you all later about my piercing... until then PLUSH


K. Michel July 17, 2009 at 8:36 PM  

Haha, boobie tales indeed.

Well babe, it's a gift and a curse. I can't say I know what it's like to have that kind of problem but you're going to have to make the best of it. You're going to be stuck with them for a while.

It MIGHT'VE helped if you had an ugly face ...instead of the adorable one God gave you.

I know. Smooth.

TiKeDi July 18, 2009 at 1:58 AM are sexy.

xxxx July 18, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

awwww thank you k. michel and tikedi. haha and yes that was smooth michel