sorry i been gone

hello my lovelies.... first off i want to apologize for being mia... but i promise it was not my fault... as every other summer i recently went back home (to brooklyn) for break. usually i stay with my uncle but this time i stayed with my grandmother (and i am sure you know how the story goes from here) anyway she has no computer and the people in her neightborhood are stingy (yes i said it, stingy) with their internet access so i had to wait until i got back to georgia to write a blog. i wont lie even back in ga i did not write a blog because i bought my cousins down with me and they were hogging all the computers up... so i am finally in front of a computer and back on my blogging tip... anywho i am back in new york again, i arrived here early this morning around six oclock... it wasnt a long drive but a long drive because it was eight of us in one suv.... not enough space. my feet are swollen and so are my eyes. i want to sleep so bad but i have been unable to because my phone keeps ringing off the hook. but my summer has been great so far. i am so glad i have the gift of life. i have so much to tell you and i will do that in a second in other blogs. i am telling you all so much has been going on... but they are all good things... nothing bad... so sunshine and happiness... love you all... you have a blessed day... mwahhh