be safe

i hope all my fellow georgian bloggers are okay, especially those of you who are in the metro atlanta area. i myself am in douglas county and i attend school out in carrollton so we have had it pretty bad out here, but thanking God that I am alive and happy that I am not one of the five (four in douglas county, 1 in carroll county) who have died on this side in the past day. but its pretty bad out here. several roads have collapsed, people have been forced to evacuate, some evacuation areas like near my campus is voluntary though but they warn that if you do not leave if anything was to happen to you no one can get to you. it sucks that west ga still has class scheduled. im like really are you serious i literally have water up to my knee and you still want me in class. sucks ass.... anyway on a better note im on crutches... lol... i have to make light of the situation or else i will cry. i fell downstairs early yesterday morning, i thought i was on the last step but i wasnt i was two steps up and i took one giant step down, right foot kept on going down looking for the stair, fell down, knee snapped back, ouch... i was in so much pain, i have been popping pills all day yesterday and i will be popping them all day today... anywho i was just updating you all on whats happening on this end. you stay safe... xoxo