he paid me a visit yesterday. said it was the least that i can do. i just stood at the door thinking who the heck are you. i looked into his eyes i knew that he had known me but in my head im searching through my catalog and i couldnt think of  how or when? i dont know you. yes you do. i gazed into his eyes again and it all started to make sense... i remember you, why are you at my door.. i left you along time ago.. switched cities because of you. i hid from you.. hid from the truth. i run from myself everyday because of you. i cant accept the fact that was me. i tried to erase the past. burn it out of my mind but now all of a sudden it is all coming back to me. why? why after all these years do you all of a sudden want to find me? why must you come back into my life? ruining everything i worked so hard for. i just want you to leave me alone and let me be. leave me alone. find someone else to bother. find another victim to haunt in their dreams. you and i could never be... you are not reality and i am not me. leave me alone, i ran away from you many years ago. days have flown by. months have passed. years have turned. i thought i was free from you. i thought you were gone. why must you came back now? why do you want to hurt me? days of crying . contemplating. denying. lying. suicidal thoughts... those days are gone... times of the past no more... distant past please be gone. ghost from my past leave me alone