happy halloween

happy halloween to all..... hope you have a safe and fun holiday... do everything that i will do...lol.. but fa real you all have fun for me. cause trust i had an entire weekend planned out. i will be posting pics of my brother and sisters sooon cause they all look sooo nice. i am sooooo hungry right now my stomach is growling, yesterday i ate for the first time since sunday. i done lost eight pounds yall... the food i had last night was sooo good but it was still a struggle to eat cause i cant breathe and eat at the same time...messed up situation i know...lol...i have been looking at schools to transfer to today. i have narrowed it down to jacksonville state university in alabama or bethune cookman university in florida. i am leaning more towards bethune cookman just because i was looking at it when i first started college it was my number two choice besides the school i am currently at.