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am i the only one who thinks it makes no sense when a female finds out her boyfriend/husband is cheating and instead of putting her man straight she goes after the other woman? to me that shit is just stupid. what are you getting mad at the woman for you need to be getting mad at your man. at the end of the day the sideline is not banging your back out your man is. she is not sleeping with your ass he is so any problems you have within your relationship you need to take it up with him not her. one rule i always follow is that i will never fight over a man. why? because its not worth it. if he was worth fighting for he wouldnt cheat on you in the first place. alot of the time the sideline dont even know she the other woman she be thinking she the main then one day she come outside and her tires are slashed and someone (you) is coming after her with a brick in hand. at the end of the day you the stupid one. why you stupid? 1) because you fighting over someone who clearly dont respect or love you, 2) your ass is about to get locked up for some dumb shit, 3) cause you knew he was cheating and your dumb ass still stayed with him. how do i know that you knew he was cheating? because you felt the need to go snoop around. yup thats my answer. if you feel like you need to play snoopy and sniff his underwear, go through his phone, search through his shit, your ass knew he was no good all along and you did not trust him. so why are you staying and FIGHTING over somoene you dont trust. BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING DUMBASS thats why. i mean its the only logical explanation. you are young, dumb, and full of cum (my mom always say that, i used to think she was tripping now i know she was telling the truth) anyway females need to stop fighting each other over guys that dont respect or want yall it makes no sense. it is stupidity. you fighting and he sitting back laughing thinking he got it like that. you look desperate. really do... like if he is just the only dude you can pull... never give another human being let alone a man that much power. that much control over you. its just a mess... a damn big ass mess...its sloppy...get it together people


Anonymous November 1, 2009 at 5:16 PM  

You are right but she should have her ass kicked too.

:::the.kisser::: November 1, 2009 at 5:19 PM  

i agree with you, and i feel the same way. i will never fight over man, no sex is that good. thanx for the rawness of your words.

IntrospectiveGoddess November 1, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

Damnit Amen Amen and Amen!!!

I just went through this not too long ago with my ex, the chick he was living with sent me a crazy ass email and called my phone in the middle of the night, I cursed her ass out but he got on the phone tryna front like he wasnt gassing my head up and saying he was gonna leave her (I didnt believe him and decided to fall bacK) by then she had found out we communicated and threatened me, needless to say I was heated, but in the grand scheme of things, she is the one who looks like the idiot, you are living with this dude but the first person you contact is me? Dumb and Full of Cum indeed. After this situation I have decided one that I will never ever contact the other chick and two if the other chick contacts me I will not engage her in communication regardless if I knew about her or not, she needs to take the situation up with the guy in question not me, Good Post!

TiKeDi November 5, 2009 at 1:46 AM  

You are right she needs to take it up with her man and not the other women. I will never fight over a man, not so that he can make a fool out of me. It makes no sense.