stranded on i20

so yesterday around 5 pm a friend of mine named jess called me asking for a ride to work because her car had just broke down on i 20.. since i was in bed all day i run to brush my teeth and just throw on some clothes i hated the idea of her being stranded on the side of the highway, its an easy way to get hurt. since i knew i was probably going to take a while to get to her i called mr.t and told him to go out there and stay with her until i get there and look at her car and see if maybe he could fix it. i get there fucking ten minutes later.. tell me why the fuck they were both gone. now this made me mad because i came out my sleep and warm ass bed to come get you and you couldnt even have the decency to call me and let me know that he got there and you were fine. the two of you together couldnt put your fucking heads together and be like lets call her so she know whats going on.. that just made me mad.

anywho jess calls me at 9:30 to let me know she gets off at 10 and will be outside by 10:20 cool so i leave my house at 10 pm to get her she comes outside at 10:30 which is no biggie to me.. ten minutes of waiting is not going to kill me. because her car was still stuck on the side of the highway we had to go back to her car and wait there so that AAA could come and tow it to her place. we were in douglas county she lives on the east side in decatur... anyway we waited an hour and a half for the tow truck to come. by the time they came it was like 11: 45 then it took them another 30 minutes to get her car onto the truck... at this point we had been on the side of the highway in the dark with heavy traffic for about two hours...
by the time her car gets on the truck we were so damn happy like yes we are finally getting somewhere.. shit is running smooth again. i walk to my car to start it and warm it up while she gives the man her address to put in his gps system. why the fuck do i get in my car and guess what? my batter is dead! omfg i was like you have to be shitting me.. now it would have been all cool except for problem number two... the tow man just drove the fuck off... i could of died.. so im out there calling mr.t his bitch ass dont pick up (thats another story for another post) because he was "helping his homeboy" move... like i look like i was born last night.. so jess call a.j, mr.t homeboy and he was like ok cool he on his way he gonna come out there and help us and keep us company... i was like ok.. but i wasnt excited.. why you may ask... cause aj run on cp time.. for those of you who dont know what that is.. its color people time so while jess was excited i was like hell fuck nah i dialed 911 and they were out there in less than eight minutes.. now thats what im talking about.. my tax dollars hard at work.. the nice officer was soo kind as to bust a u turn in the middle of the highway (that shit was fire) and juice up my car... after 2 1/2 hours on i20 east bond we were finally on our way...
my ass hit fucking 80 did that shit straight to decatur... wesley chapel exit... hitting 90 occasionally here and there when the cops wasnt around. got her home in about thirty minutes but when we got there the tow man wasnt there which made me mad because i wanted to go home and sleep... she wanted me to spend the night but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. the tow truck man didnt come till about an hour and some change later. by the time he made it to her house it was 2:15 and by the time i made it home it was 3 am... i jumped in the shower and jumped in bed... slept till about five this afternoon...
at least i can laugh at this some day... i really wasnt stressed out by it the entire time jess and i was just laughing and chucked it up to friends bonding while stranded on i20... you just got to love moments like that


tha unpretentious narcissist © December 15, 2009 at 3:43 PM  

lol...aww i'm sorry. i had a hell of a day yesterday. found out i had a 9:20am dr. appointment at 9:05am. then my mom called me told me her car stopped while she was waiting on my grandma & aunt to finish at the dr. had to go get her, look at her car, wait for the tow truck. then since my grandma is elderly and was being picked up by my mom (cause her car was lower to the ground and i drive a truck..)i had to pick my 200+ grandma up and put her in the car. a task i'm still feeling in the lower part of my back (i've picked up some 200+ lbs before but at least they grandma doesn't help). then had to take them home, take my mom home. my morning was again monopolized by my mom taking her to get a rental car.

long story short..i understand.

and the whole police coming to i've watched them pass by dozens of ppl trying to get somewhere to write a ticket.

*one more ignorant thang before i go..."EASSStside"..stay up off my side of the city. lol

xxxx December 19, 2009 at 11:08 PM  

lmao @ *one more ignorant thang before i go..."EASSStside"..stay up off my side of the city. lol ... that completely made my ignorant but sometimes we need that like gucci mane music..