ladies night- sex shop

so saturday was ladies night for me and my girls.. i just love my girls. nothing like true friends anyway we went to atlantic station in atlanta and went to a restaurant called strips. anyone who is the atlanta area who hasnt been there already need to go check it out their food is good... now i swore up and down that i will never have sushi but i ended up trying it and i must say it was delicious.. i tried two different types of sushi and they were both tasty.. taste alot better with the eel sauce though.. we also had crab cakes, shrimp, and all.. it was really good. the sushi is very afforable too, only like 4 or 5 dollars depending on which one you get. after we ate dinner we left atlantic station and went to this bar thats near georgia tech and we took a couple of shots. we were gonna go to the strip club but ended up not going.. well we were on our way and then we got distracted by the sex toy shop... yeahhhh buddy my kind of party.... like dudes i like sex (safe sex that is) i enjoy sex (safe sex) and so you know me and my friends are not shy to walk up into a strip club or sex store.. ( ok fell off topic for a while) anyway so we was on our way to club wax.. those of yall who familiar with atlanta already know its off fulton industrial those of you who arent.. well now you know where its at.. boww go visit.. anywho so we was at the light to turn up the street to get up to club wax when on my right i spot... STARSHIP... thats the sex store... we dead ass pulled a U- turn and was on our way to starship.. imma tell you this from now if i had my own place with no roommates like i do now my place would be a sex paradise i tell you.. first thing i noticed was the sex swing.. i want me one of those (birthday list.. check) right.. anywho if yall need to update your sex toys, vibrators, bullets, cock rings, etc. collection yall need to head over there asapidly.. almost all the toys are 30-50% off which was great for me because i bought me a vibrator whose originall price was 15 and i got it for 7 and some change. shit 15 wasnt high to begin with but hell 7 is even better.. you dont think? my homegirl ended up getting the vibrating cock ring and a vibrator thats smaller than the size of a key.. when going into the store i was originally look for the vibrating cock ring but t said he aint down with it.. *shrugs* oh well.. and on top of that im celibate.. now i wont lie to you if he would agreed to use it, all celibacy promises would of went out the window.. i want to try it so bad, i heard its the shit.... but then i got to thinking if it vibrates isnt it like a dildo, vibrator.. but then i started thinking harder and came to the conclusion that it has to be fifteen times better cause you got your dude pumping you in and out of you as hard or soft as u want him to....

just imagine.(eyes closed) dude fucking your guts out just in and out in and out while you playing with your clit.. you starting to feel like damn this shit is good.. he biting on your nipples and sucking them dumb hard. interchanging between right nipple and left nipple.. start to fuck you harder and a little faster.. getting rougher with it ( i like that shit) you take your finger from between your legs and put it in his mouth.. tell him to taste you.. how that taste baby?? *insert his response* now imagine all this all the while you have an added stimulation of vibration... omg my body tingling thinking of this shit (now i want to have crazy drunk sex tonight.. dammit) but im saying that vibrating cock ring got to be the shit.. it just has to be.
anyway back to my story so i am no longer a sex toy virgin.. i purchased my first toy and boy it is amazing. i never understood what people was talking about when they toys is sometimes better than dick.. like dead ass that shit put me straight to bed last night.. talking about woke up still naked with it just laying on my bed between my legs.... that shit was *eye rolling* AMAZING.. you hear me FREAKING AMAZING... ladies before you do anything else go get you a vibrator (at least four speeds) before you leave the store make sure it vibrates good and heavy.. and dudes get that damn vibrating cock ring put your pride aside and please your woman. oh and i received a free porn dvd with my purchase.. got all the stars: pinky, cherokee, lacy duvalle, ricko suave, beauty dior, etc. its a good dvd.. that was just my extra bonus.. haha oh and before i forget my new dude is pink (my favorite color)


RoByn LaTice January 25, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

$7? & a free dvd...ahh! Girl Im jealous. We dont have many sex shops here and the only one I go to regularly is high as hell. Smh, I need to rack up nxt time I go to Atlanta.!

tha unpretentious narcissist © January 25, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

*smh* at you being at the crackheadiest starship in atlanta. lol

surprised you aint get mugged. need to step that game up and hit up inserections. expecially the one downtown. selection is so much larger and they got a lot of crazy shit going on in there. just saying.

go head and slide that porn over to me, cause you don't need it. you got your new friend.

12kyle January 25, 2010 at 7:32 PM  

hahahahahahaahah!!!! first time over here...dayum...what an intro

fulton industrial??? i neva been to that one. i heard that they have strip clubs but i rarely get on that side of the city.

i agree with tha unpretentious narcissist...inserections is the spot! i used to fall up in there every once and a while.

pay for porn? not meeeee. too much free shit online. lmao!

Coogie Cruz January 25, 2010 at 8:38 PM  

Girl I live in Atlantic Station...go to Strip every Tuesday for half off Sushi.

xxxx January 25, 2010 at 11:43 PM  

@unpretentious lmao fulton is pretty ghetto but that was my first time around there i was just following and i will check out inserections next month sometime lol what is the exact cross section/address

@12kyle- welcome home finally stopped by my side of town, and no one pays for porn if i paid for every porn dvd or download i have right now i would be broke..

@coogie- omg do you really live jealous.. i would imagine the rent would be high. is it?

F January 26, 2010 at 2:49 AM  

Lol... Sad to say but some men might actually need lessons from those little pieces of plastic... SMH

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