tragedy of new years eve/ new years day

my best friend and i
first off i want to say, happy new years to all of my followers, non followers, supporters, and readers... hope you all have a blessed and prosperous 2010, dont wait for your dreams to come to you, go out and catch them. leave 2009 in the back and embrace 2010 with positivity and an open mind...

okay so new years eve is a celebration of a new year, new things, new resolutions and all that good stuff. but we also know that new years eve is nothing more than a simple excuse for people all over the world to get crazy drunk, do some dumb shit and blame it on the goose... we all have had our moment(s) where we just partied a little too hard, most of us its on our birthdays or new years.. well this year was my year where i got crazy drunk.. now you all know i am a partier so sometimes i do a little too much.. but never like this before.. i got so drunk i am now scared to drink. i swear to you i went into the liquor store today to get some vodka and became instantly nauseous. i have flashbacks of the taste of goose in my mouth.. as i am typing this my stomach is getting woozy arghh... anway lets just say that after the ball dropped so did i. PEOPLE I DONT EVEN REMEMBER NEW YEARS... yes you read it correct, i dont remember new years. why you might ask?? simple.. i drank so fucking much i passed the fuck out. i was hungover for TWO WHOLE days.. what was i drinking you might ask *cause you might want to get to where i wentt* i drank goose people.. fucking grey goose.. my motto now is no longer goose get you loose... ohhhh no my motto is GOOSE IS THE DEVIL... i woke up with bruises on my legs and arm, a bump on my head, and an injured knee. i lost my sisters cell phone, my best friends camera and all my money. how? i dont know because i dont remember the night. last thing i remember was entering the club sitting in vip and taking shots of goose.. cause its my bestfriends birthday on new years so we do it big like that every year... i am never drinking goose again.. hell i may never drink again... all i know is GOOSE IS THE DEVIL AND I HAVE NO MEMORY OF MY NEW YEAR.. EXCEPT FOR THE PICTURE ON TOP.


Anonymous January 8, 2010 at 6:01 AM  

Well you don't have to drink so much, so fast. I been there before. Now I drink a different way, a couple fast shots as soon as I start, then switch to ice water or diet soda. The buzz lasts a good while and not as much alcohol. It can work, less calories, less food calories too, and I feel better later.


xxxx January 8, 2010 at 10:41 AM  

the funny thing is i have drank more than that and been good.. maybe because it was my first time drinking goose.. but currently i have no desire to drink so i should be good for a while

RoByn LaTice January 19, 2010 at 10:47 PM  

lmao...this is too funny to me. This basically describes my weekend! My sister had to inform me of half of the night....but I still had fun. Good times..good fuckin times!