phone call from the next bitch?!

for christmas two of my aunts came up to atl from from florida to spend christmas with me and my family. we had so much fun i honestly couldnt ask for a better gift, i was just happy that they were there spending this time with me. but of course all good things must come to an end, so they had to leave and get back to their normal lives five days later on the 29th (they came up on the 24th).. anyway my mom and i took both my aunts to the airport, one two hours before the other because there was a big time difference in the depature of their flights. anyway sooo i dropped my auntie m of at the airport and was on my way to stone mountain with my mom and my second aunt when my phone rang.. i didnt recognize the number but i picked up because it wasnt blocked ( had it been blocked i wouldnt of answered).. so i answer the phone and i hear
hello may i please speak to keenya.
me: speaking who is this...
her: this is ____ (i cant remember her name all i remember is that it was ghetto and started with an s)
me: okay not to be rude but i dont know anyone by that name so how did you get my number.
ghetto s: i got it out of t phone..
(in my mind im thinking)-->errrrrr excuse me..
me: you got it out of who phone?
ghetto s: i got it out of t phone and i was just calling to see if you have heard from him lately..
me: why do you want to know if i have heard from him or not?
ghetto s: because i am looking for him
me: looking for him because?
and then she starts talking and i hang up.. okay i left some important details out, i hung up the phone not because i was trying to be rude but because she called and had a whole bunch of loud mouth bitches talking in the background, and on top of that i was sick i was barely wispering. so during the conversation im talking with a whisper and her and her "homegirls" are just loud as fuck, in the end we both couldnt hear each other, or at least i couldnt hear her correctly so i hung up. she called back i ignored the call and i text her instead. and this is how the text messaging went
me: why are you calling my phone
ghetto s: because i am looking for him
me: why?
ghetto s: because i am
me: hmmm okay
ghetto s: who is u 2 him
me: whoa. who are you to him?
ghetto s: a friend
me: well if you are just a friend then you have no business questioning me about my relationship with him. now do you?
ghetto s: whatever just let him know i called, your number was da most in his cell so i called it. tell him lauren called and 2 call me asap.
me: ok
while she is texting me i am on the phone with t i called to make sure he was going to answer his phone and then i text him.
me: who is lauren
t:i dont know what u talkin bout who is laurn where u get that from
me: im asking you cause she called my phone i damn sure aint call hers. anyway she said that she is trying to get in contact with you..
i text her back..
me: sorry sweety he says he dont know you. have a good day
ghetto s: bitch whatever, tell him the police is on the way 2 his house and who is u 2 him
after she called me a bitch conversation was over i decided to no longer correspond with her. she sends another text
ghetto s: ok bitch so now you not gonna answer me.. lol u a funny ho, gues thats y ur man and his homeboys b kickin with me.
at this point i called him, told him that i doubt her name is lauren because at first she said it was ghetto s but whoever this bitch is you need to check her cause she playing games on my phone and im not one for it. get her.. he was like what number is it, i told him the number it was coming from he was like im gonna call right back... he called back angry as shit apologizing talking about im sorry about that blah blah blah blah blah
to make a long story short i was pissed that bitch called my phone && i told hin straight up check that bitch cause lord knows i been trying to change and remain calm but i will flip in the quickness and hurt a bitch... talking about she knew i was gonna get in contact with him and he was ignoring her thats why she decided to call my phone.. bitch talking about she want to see him before he leaves...YO FALL THE FUCK BACK...


Secretia January 7, 2010 at 7:21 AM  

I would be just as mad!


Supastarrr January 7, 2010 at 1:16 PM  

lawdddd..i'm proud of you for staying strong throughout that ordeal. I could NOT do it! lol

xxxx January 8, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

if it was a couple of months ago, i would of went off on her but im trying this new thing where i approach things differently lol.

RoByn LaTice January 19, 2010 at 10:53 PM  

Bitches too crazy. I couldnt have done it either. She could have remained casual with out calling you a bitch. That was very mature...she would have brought me right down to her level. Pure ignorance.