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1. why is black history month important to you? what does it mean to you?
Although I may not always express it Black History Month is important to me because you truly don't know where you are going until you know where you have been. I always say "never forget where you come from" that can surely go as far as slave days. They paved the way and we owe them the respect and recognition.

2. who are your hero(s)? why?
Honestly my hero is my grandmother. She was alive when it was "Black and White" and she is the strongest woman I have witnessed in my 22yrs of living. I've watched her raise 3 generations and til this day she is still raising children. As tired as she is, she has never gave up on us. My grandmother has been discriminated against and also uplifted not only by the opposite race but by the race of our own. I've seen her hurt, disappointment, tears, laughs and smiles through life and I am blessed she's alive to witness our first african american president. Ok, I can go on all day but my Grandmother is my Hero.

3. what do you think some of our past leaders such as dr. martin luther king jr, medgar evers, and malcolm x would say about the current state of race in american and the election of president obama?
I think they would be proud that we have surely come along way. Some of there dreams have become reality. I'm sure they will say we still have work to do. Fighting hard for equality was an issue we seemed to overcome BUT our biggest problem now isn't the opposite race. Our biggest problem now is in our own backyard. Instead of us fighting because we are the minority, we are killing our brothers and sisters. Black and black crime is a disgrace and if our past
leaders were still alive they would be disappointed in us for that.

4. do you think that blacks are properly represented today? why or why not?
Yes and No. Yes because we have great role models in the right position of power. Thanks to the Obamas, both President Barack and first lady Michelle. Thanks to the Jesse Jacksons, the Ben Jealous' (president of NAACP), the Tony Dungys (first black nfl coach to win the super bowl) and even Patricia Hinds of Essence Magazine they can properly represent the hard working, no limit, I have a dream side of the minority. No because in reality, our communities are suffering. The younger generation is losing interest in what's important. They would rather pick up a gun than a book, or purchase a new mix tape instead of enroll for college. I think the ppl with the biggest influence over the kids should reach out to the communities in more ways than one. But the world we live in says sex is better than education.

5. many argue that there should be no black history month and that if there was a white history month it would be considered racism, what do you say to those who believe this?
I say to those ppl go screw yourself. As much as we've been through we deserve respect. They give us the month of February being the shortest month in the year, 28days out of 365 to be exact and you are still trying to throw us in the back of the bus like we don't exist. I say in the world I live in, every month is white history month so for these 28days let us be great.

if you have any other comments or anything else to say you can also include it.. i always love extra input...
I would like to give the biggest shout out to Rosa Parks. I ride the bus 3-4 hrs every day out of my life and I can't even begin to fathom what it was like to be treated with such, hatred, malice and disrespect. So she is very much respected because I always sit in the front of the bus. I wish someone would try and make me move to the back.


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