black history month 6

joshua copeland

university of west georgia alum
atlanta, ga

Black History Month to me is a time to remember all those before us. As time passes, it seems that our generation is losing touch with our roots and we have one month allocated to us to do that. Fredrick Douglas is a man of character. Benjamin E. Mays was President Morehouse College and was able to serve as Prez 27 yrs making it prominent today. Maya Angelou for phenomenal lady

what are your thoughts about our generation losing touch with our roots and forgetting the history and struggles of our ancestors? What do you think some of our leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers would say about the election of President Obama if they were alive today?

I think that our generation spends too much time worried about wordly things and the newest technology or fashion. Not enough time is spent on our history and how we have gotten to the place we are today. If they were alive, especially Martin, he would simply say the dream has been fulfilled.