lets talk about it

a couple of months ago i asked some of my female friends some simple but random questions about sex and sexual health. fortunately i was lucky enough to get some open and honest answers. thanks so much to precious, charis, _supastarrr, and stefanie for particapting. i love you much ladies and once again thanks so much for your honest answers.

Q: how often do you have sex? and how often would you like to have sex?
P1- not often. i dont have sex unless i am in a relationship or a relationship that we are the only one having sex with one another.
P2- whenever i can and i am doing decent right now
P3- lately, because my boyfriend is one state over, sex does not come often, AT ALL! we've been together 9 months and we've had sex once. before we got together i was celibate for a year, and i was perfectly fine with it. if it were up to me, i would have sex about 2-3 times a week.
P4- two times weekly. i would love to have it at least three times
P5- i have sex maybe once a week. it all depends on the mood of my boyfriend and myself. i would love to have sex at least five times a week. we used to have sex everyday. i miss that

Q: are you okay/ satisfied with the amount of sexual partners that you have/had? why or why not?
P1- very. 3 partners is a low amount considering most my age have triple that number. i take great pride in that number
P2- yes, its not alot
P3- i am perfectly fine with the amount of sexual partners i have had, i mean i can count them all on one hand, and for 25 years old female in todays worls, i think thats DAMN good... lol.. im proud of myself!
P4-yes i am content. i had three male and one female. i dont feel attracted to penis anymore other than my husband. so im staying at three
P5- yes i am content. i can count on one hand. i pray that my boyfriend is my last partner, but if not i will only have sex with one other person: my future husband

Q:do you get tested for hiv/aids and other stds annually? if not annually when was the last time?
P1- yes i do
P2-6 months ago
P3-yes i do, i make sure of it every annual i have
P4-i get tested every six months. i need to know for my kids, husband and myself
P5- i do every six months. last time was in august though

Q:why or why not have you chosen to get tested?
P1- because its the responsible thing to do. i never have a sexual relationship with someone unless they get tested with me.
P2- because i dont want to die over dick
P3- i have chosen to get tested because i mean its only fair to my future partner(s), the safety of them and for myself. its only fair, its out of respect for life and love
P4-knowing your status is very important. who wants to be left out in the dark? scared? worried?
P5-ive chosen to get tested because it is important to know your status and your health. if you are blind to what is going on with you, you cant help yourself. its a scary thought to know that you may have something especially hiv, herpes, etc. but its better to know than to not know at all.

Q:Do you know anyone with an std such as herpes, hpv, or hiv?
P1- yes
P2- no
P3- i know someone with herpes
P4- yes i know someone with herpes and hiv. its a scary thing but they are living healthy lives
P5- yes i do. i know two with herpes and a couple with hpv. hpv has become promenent especially in the college community because people fail to realize its from skin contact, it has nothing to do with the use of condoms. luckily it clears on its own.

Q: have you yourself ever contracted an std?
P1- no
P2- no
P3- no i have not
P4- no i havent. i got a yeast infection and thought i had one. i was young. i started freaking out.. lol
P5- i did before. i contracted chlamydia when i was nineteen. i was devastated.