messenger blast

him: how u been
me: ive been okay. how you been
him: feeling stuck, always bored
me: why you feeling stucked
him: cause i have a million things to do
him: and it's feel impossible to get everything done
me: you can get them done, you said you always bored so work on them things while you are bored
him: can't always work what i want to when i want too cause it's like always missing something to get it complete
him: why is it so hard to become the best
him: I want to become the best looking college graduate with a good a job, his own business, well invested in stocks, that help his commuinty out as often as he game
him: i want to be the most wanted bachleor there is
him: the best there is on the market
me: so become that
me: no one is stopping you but you.
him: I WILL!!!!!
me: all that negativity, all that negative energy you have going on right now is stomping your growth.. no one can stop you but YOU so if you want all that go for it..push what you have to inorder to achieve your goal
him: get rich, finish school, start my own business, get in shape, i want you to look at me at me and be like dam i should have fucked him when i could
me: what?!?! that was random
him: lmao
me: where did that come from?
him: yeah when i become the prefect guy, that's what u going to be saying
him: lol
me: ummm.. no
me: thats what the perfect guy is to you.. thats your ideal of the perfecct guy.. that may not be the perfect guy to everyone else
him: well what is the perfect guy to you
me: it doesnt matter what the perfect guy is to me. thats what you want to be so focus on that
him: i'm going to be the perfect guy to every gurl, especially you..
him: watch and see
me: good for you, dont forget about your happiness in the process. right now you seem like you arent happy with yourself if you want to be perfect for everyone else
him: yeah i'm not
me: good


RoByn LaTice April 13, 2010 at 1:52 PM  

yea, he needs to reevaluate his defintion of perfect. Stop trying to be what he thinks other would think is perfect, and be "perfect" for himself!