topfree.. im moving back to nyc

last night stefanie was on twitter saying how she wished she lived in new york city because the people there are allowed to walk around topless. me being a born and raised new yorker told her this was untrue (because i just knew it couldnt be) plus she heard it on the tyra show.. who takes tyra seriously?!?! i know i dont. but i figured i would do my homework and research it anyway, although i have never heard of such law allowing topless nudity in new york. imagine my surprise to find out that it is true and indeed women are allowed to go topless in new york.

here are some interesting facts that i found out about topless laws:
topless laws are not very popular in the united states, in fact there are only six states that has such laws, which are: texas, new york, california (but only the coast such as santa cruz), hawaii, maine, and ohio.
cities that participate in the topfree law are: boulder, colorado; eugene, oregon; portlans, oregon; ashland oregon; oregon country fair; lucy vincent beach in chilmark on martha's vineyard; south beach, miami beach, florida; key west, florida; fantasy fest; new orleans; mardi gras; washington, d.c; and columbus, oh
although these six states allow topless freedom, there are restrictions and regulatory guidelines to be aware of. for example although topfree is legal in six states, the decision is really up to the cities and further more the counties, if they will allow such acts or not, which is very conflicting because technically its not against the law, but you run the risk of still being arrested, charged, and fined with a class b misdemeanor. in the history of topfree law there has been eleven lawsuits/ cases against states for not acknowledging these laws and arresting female participants. for instance in 2007 phoenix feeley sued nyc and won $29,000. in 1986 a woman represented herself against the district of columbia and won stating that the d.c nudity law did not apply to any body part but genitals.
in nyc 1992 ruling the courts stated this: "the people in this case have not refuted this evidence or attempt to show the existence of evidence of their own to indicate that the non-lewd exposure of the female breast is in any way harmful to the public's health or well being.... in summary, the people have offered nothing to justify a law that discriminates against women by prohibiting them from removing their tops and exposing their bare chests in public as men are routinely permitted to do. the mere fact that the stautue's aim is the protection of 'public sensibilities' is not sufficient to satisfy the state's burden of showing an 'exceedingly persuasive justification' for a classification that expressly discriminates on the bases of sex. accordingly, the gender based classification established by penal law $345.01 violates appellants' equal protection rights and, for that reason, i concur in the majority's result and vote to reverse the order below."
you can see the ny v. santorelli court of appeals here

you can sign a petition here that will be presented to President Obama in August asking to push and pass the law in other states
i am all for personal freedom, and i love nudity so i signed it.. i mean why can men be allowed to walk around topless but we cant.. equality is a God given right that we arent always given..
do you think this law is ridiculous? if so why or why not
men- would you allow the women in your life (wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter) to go in public topless?
women- would you ever consider walking around public nude?


Supastarrr April 17, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

i would go topless, why not? =)

Miss.Fortune April 17, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

lol this is ridiculous but hilarious at the same time..and i am from central coast california.. seaside to be exact..(its by santa cruz) and i had never heard of day ima have me and a few friends run around topless.. with my lil bee-stings..they BETTER not give me a

TiKeDi April 18, 2010 at 2:41 AM  

I do not find this ridiculous, I see it as a form of self expression which is a right that we all have. If a person is not hurting anyone there should not be a problem, in the U.S. it is all about control.