what would you do

if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner gave you an STD, let alone two viruses such as HPV and herpes?? would you stay or leave?

@12kyle- if she gave me ONE virus she has betta stay away from me. She might get kilt! And yes... I said kilt! LOL
@andrayarenay- hell no i wouldnt stay, if he gave a damn about my life he wouldnt be raw doggin another. He aint worth my life!!! if he gave me 2 STD's and they are not fatal, clearly I been blessed! How many warnings u need? If thats accepted someone needs therapy
@r_latice- No. NO. and HELL no! Clearly they arent concerned with their well being because they arent using protection with other hoes. SMH!
@mzpreciousF- Now I got friends and family dealing with both. I struggle with this because if you already got it, you might as well stay together. Then again, I would be angry at the mere thought of it and I probably spaz out.
@missannabanna- hell no because they have no respect for you or your well being


Miss.Fortune May 5, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

i definitely agree with andray(cant remember the rest of her name) smh..