baby drama

ladies what would you do if your boyfriend/boo/significant other already has one kid and you found out that there is a possibility that he may be the father to another?!?!

scenario: you two broke up for about five months, got back together and now you have been together for a year and a month strong (problems of course but no breakups or big blow outs). you just recently found out (like a week ago) that there is a female out there claiming her five month old daughter to be his and he has known about it for a month and havent said anything to you about it, you find out from his sister over twitter and when you ask him about it he gets mad and flips it (well try to) on you saying you are being nosey and worrying yourself about things that dont concern you... oooo yeah and you two have been together for four years on and off

    1. oops my bad *daughters
    2. don't mention my business??? negro please! stop forcing ya mom to pay for ur daughter, bum!
    3. my bro is a mess!!! don't be tryin to textargue wit me...betta choose ya battles b4 I blast u! dummies I swear
    ask him since he blowing my phone up, u just couldn't wait to say sumn to him lmao
    ma dukes says my bro is gettin put on child support by his 2nd babymom bc he keep denyin the child. funny thing is Da baby look jus like him
  1. just got off the phone wit my mom, she has all the gossip.
how would you feel? what would you say to him? would you stay or leave?
give me your entire thoughts


Chay Chay August 8, 2010 at 2:26 PM  

OmG! Giiiiiiirl this is some SERIOUS hot mess!!! WTF?! I am SPEECHLESS!
I have been in the SAME situation and I can't tell ANYONE, ANYTHING...whatever YOU feel is right to do, do it, don't listen to outside people, because YOU have to deal with it, AND the consequences.
BUT he KNOWS he is WRONG for that, damn...

Supastarrr August 8, 2010 at 7:33 PM  

UMMMM, that DOES concern you. wtf? y'all in a relationship. & to hear it from his sister is played. he should've told you that from the jump. I wouldn't break up over that but you need to have a discussion to find out what else he thinks "doesn't concern you".

Miss.Stefanie August 8, 2010 at 9:57 PM  

He should have been up front...Im with Chay though my love!