Fw: Notes from church 06/07/2009

Isaiah 54:1

Sing a song in your heart. God don't care how it sounds he just want to know its in your heart.

Everytime you see God you see him in a greater glory a greater strength. You must want a fresh testimony.

Live life more abundantly.

When God looks at you he sees you as perfect and finished because his sons Jesus Christ blood covers you..

God knows everything about you the good bad and the ugly and he still loves you despite all your flaws and imperfection.

When God said its done its done. What he says it what he says.

God made a covenant with himself to keep us.

1 corinthians 11:23-26


God dwells where there is order

Six Is number of man

Seven is completion
Nine is

Feel like things you used to do is no longer comfortable

Spirit lord is hovering over you to birth something new.

In the Genesis the bible speaks about a deep bottom less pit. The bottom less pit is not something that is under your feet, it is what's inside of you. Its an empitiness within yourself. Many try to fill this pit with meaningless superficial posinous things, drugs, alchol, sex, clothing, etc., etc., but no matter how much you try it can not be filled with these things. It can only be filled with Christ. That bottomless pit is reserved for Jesus Christ.

What this world defines as life is actually death. The substances of this world. Is spiritually killing us.

06/07/2009- date means we are all in transition for something more. It is time for a shift. Time for change.

Jeremiah 1:5

God is graceful and forgiving.

We were born in sin and raised in chaos, but as we get older 20 on up its up to us to find peace and order.

God will not leave you in a chaotic state.

Zepheniah 3:17

God takes care of all our enemies... He knocks them down before they can harm you

When you encounter the light God will seperate you from the darkness. You will not be able to reach the light if you do not read (the bible) and if you do not worship the Lord.

You should go to church, not to be taught, but to worship and praise God.