meat man aka clown ( gone crazy)

ok so i met this guy named chance a couple of weeks back on my first initial summer trip to ny... it was a quick encounter nothing to serious but i was a little intrigued because he was persistent so i said why not... so let me tell you all how the meeting went down... it was around 8 oclock in the morning i went to a meat market typle place with my mom because we wanted to get there early before people started waking up and it gets crowded cause shit gets packed early in the hood...especially when you in brooklyn (anyone familiar with pitken ave...yeah my point exactly) so we get there and my mom is on one side of the store and i am on the other..she sent me to the opposite side to order two whole chickens and to have one cut up for frying and the other cut for currying... so me being the me that i am i ordered the chicken and then i was in my own world until meat man aka chance was done cutting it for me.. i wont lie he is a little cutie and all but that wasnt the first thing i noticed about him..actually to be honest i did not even notice him until he kept coming at me a couple of times..anywho so he was done cutting the chicken and attempted to hand it to me i asked him to double bag the chicken and put it in a second cleaner bag but with clean gloves because i dont want chicken left overs and juices all on my hands or clothing...he laughed... i didnt see the joke but i really wasnt looking for it either... lol.. anyway so to make a long story short he slips his number in the second bag of my chicken.. i was in my own world so i didnt notice it.. he gave me his number again but this time on the counter.. i still didnt notice it.. i guess he eventually got frustrated and was like here this is for you its my number blah blah blah... i had his number for a week before i called him and we went out last thursday and then on sat we hung out a bit... while i was leaving his place on sat he tells me to call him as soon as i get a chance later on that night... i was honest with homeboy i told him i wouldnt be able to because i was going to be busy but that i will call him the next day but if not i will def hit up the day after that... i guess he thought i was joking ( i always tell people to take me seriously) anywho so like i said in previous post i been having me neices but to be nice i text him on tuesday. in my little short text i said "hey, whats up?" and do you know what i got back in reply. first text: "you funny!"... second text: "but its ok!" and third text: "i must not been all you thought i was cuz you sure enuff made seems that way 1"... ok so people i sent one simple ass text to get three angry ones back in return... damn i must have done something to this man... honestly i dont know what is but i really dont care so i didnt even ask him what was the problem... i just quickly deleted his number and kept it moving.... NEXT... dudes be wilding if they think im going to be chasing... i never do the chasing hun.

*sidebar: i told my homegirl a couple of days before he and i went out that i thought he (chance) was a psycho... i guess i was right.. and trust i had a reason for saying that cause certain things he said was off the wall*
oh yeah and the best part yesterday he writes me on facebook like nothing is wrong... everything is all good.. trying to have big big conversations... ahhhh that will be a negative little buddy.. your a FUCKING


chocolate girl ..... July 25, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

basically, hes insecure cause any dude who tries that hard to give a chick his number has to be a loser, or crazy.dont hit his ass up anymore hes desperate and you want a dude who is patient and can wait for it...(the call that is).
leave that joker at the meat market packing a follower!!

xxxx July 26, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

Chocolate girl you hit the mark perfectly he is very insecure and i dont have time to deal with that. i dont have time for him and the little show he puts on...