so the other day im minding my business chilling with some friends and my phone starts ringing.. i look at the screen and its a random number that i have never seen before so i answer, only reason why i answer is because im famous for changing my number and so are most of the people i know.... long and behold who the hell is it on my phone... none other than meat man (click that for background info)... at first he was all respectable on the phone... being nice and seeming genuinely concerned about how i was and what i been up to, asking can he see me again, he dont know why i stopped speaking with him and all this... after about five minutes of blah blah blah i inform him that i am being rude by talking on the phone while i have people waiting on me so i had to go and i may call him later... after hanging up the phone i get a text message two minutes later from this asshole asking if we will ever have sex..... AHHHH THAT WILL BE A NEGATIVE
it never fails.... this fool tried me