classs reunion

so every year around december when everyone is out of school and done for the semester we all get together and have a little class reunion. because we are classmates from elementary school it is sometimes very difficult to get in contact with everyone. we have done this for the past four years, i have attended the last two. we all have fun catching up and seeing each other again especially since everyone turned out good, some are in ivy league schools such are harvard and princenton, some working in good fields so it makes me happy to see some of my old classmates. this year we had about 16 people come out. 5 more than last year. alot of them were new members who were not there last year so that was a good thing. this year we decided to go bowling at bowlmor lanes on university and 12th in the city. it was fun. here are a few pics of the night we had (some of us look busted cause some were just coming from work, some were drunk(me) and others were just busy(me again.. had just came from a 15 hour road trip) but hope you enjoy)..

wyan and i..
me and jaleesa
wyan and kyle.. someone tried to catch me off guard
me and dionne
group pic. some missing

kyle and wyan with the waiter


Miss.Fortune January 4, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

bowling..i love bowling.
and sounds real fun tho.
u have such a beautiful spirit it comes out even in your pics.