i can see the finish line

sorry all ive been mia from blogging lately but a sista been busy with school, tutoring, naacp, chemistry lab, biology, lab, study sessions, and no sleep.. simply put.. A SISTA TRYING TO GRADUATE..... i cant wait for the day when i finally have my bachelors degree in hand, its been long and trying but i am finally going to make it to the finish line. i changed my major from nursing to biology and i have spoken to my new advisor and i will be graduating summer 11'... i am too excited...i just pray to God that all works out as planned and i continue to pass all my classes
i cant wait to hold my degree like these young ladies that recently graduated from my school this past summer... i am soooooo proud of myself. for so long i had been told i couldnt do it, and i am, and i will continue to do it. i wont lie, i even doubted myself. growing up i didnt even think i will graduate from high school, and its not because i was dumb, its because of my attitude towards life. now i am here three semesters away from completing my bachelors degree and looking forward to my masters. God is good, He has blessed me... I cant wait till this summer to see the smile on my mother and sister face. to see the people who stood behind me all along proud of ME.
and as far as changing my major from nursing to biology, no worries i will be going back to school for nursing after i complete this bachelors degree and then i will go on to a masters program to become a nurse practitioner...


tha unpretentious narcissist© October 9, 2010 at 4:00 AM  

no problem chick..get your study on. keep blowing shit up in your chemistry lab. yanno it takes me a year to catch up on folks blogs anyway, so your hiatus will allow me to catch up on what's going on with you all late and shit. lol..

congrats. good luck. and keep up the good work.