bitch please...

... we both got played. 

ok so you all remember my ex thing Mr.B that i told you all about in previous post here and here well the fuckery continues. first off its to the point where its like okay its another notch on his belt and another test he needs to take just to make sure his ass is clean. it doesnt really bother me anymore and i no longer feel angry or hurt from it. but its like damn really you cant keep the dick in your pants. anyway recently i was hanging out alot with this girl that i will just call shaneika. apparently shaneika and mr.b had sex as well and all that good shit. i mean when she told me i really didnt care but what made my blood rise a little was the way she went about it. check this out, it was a group of us like eight girls we all sitting and chilling thinking of what to do for the next day and all that good stuff. so we were thinking about hosting a catelian and i had my date and three back up dates lined up, some of the girls didnt so i offered my back ups to them. they was like cool i will take them. so from day one of planning this thing she kept saying im going to ask mr.b im going to ask ,mr.b... everytime she said it im like ok cool that would be cute. no biggie its just a university function. like i said i wasnt stunting it cause im over his ass and the fuckery that comes with him. anyway this particular day we all like shaneika have you asked mr.b yet she like no. so we ask why not, she go on to say she dont know if she wants to take him because it may make other people uncomfortable. me not catching on to where she heading with this is the first one to say why would it make someone uncomfortable who is it going to make uncomfortable. if its not one of us then it dont matter cause its our organization. as soon as i say that this bitch looks up from the table and looks me dead in my eyes. its dead fucking silence in the room. so im like yo why you looking at me like that cause im starting to feel funny. so then she starts with her damn rambling like well mr.b and i used to talk sophmore year well technically it wasnt sophmore year it was that summer between freshman and sophmore year. so im still looking at her like what the fuck this got to do with me and why u telling me this.  so to make a long story short she fucked mr.b and she was throwing that shit in my face so when i said nothing about it here she goes.. well xxxx i heard you used to fuck with mr. b to.. so i said in the calmest voice possible bitch i never used to fuck with mr.b. he and i were in a relationship. there is a difference. so she goes on to explain how i had her "sloppy seconds" because technically they fucked during that summer and he and i didnt start dating till that august when fall semester started... BITCH LIKE I GIVE A FUCK. she trying so damn hard to beat me at a competition that she having by her damn self.. at the end of the day BITCH WE BOTH GOT PLAYED... ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. just cause  i had the label of "girlfriend" dont mean shit cause we was both fucking him at the same time and he was fucking other chicks to.. so no one wins and no one lose.. stop trying to fight that shit... but check this: i aint even know chick had an issue with it let alone with me because after them fist three or so times she mentioned it she never said anything else again. then the other day im talking to my homegirl b.wil and b.wil tells me that shaneika never mentioned it to me again but that she was always mentioning it whenever they were together and she was pissed that at the time he aint want to make her his girl but he wifed me. first of he aint wife me cause i dont have no damn ring on my finger i was simply his girlfriend. second of all what u mad for? that shit was two years ago.. really??? it bother you that much?! damn so how about you just turn back the hands of time by your damn self and change that shit cause i dont have the time. not only is she mad at him but she is apparently jealous of me and now dont like me because she had to find out about he and i from me and i took what she wanted and all this other shit. first off if you cant tell me your damn self then its irrelevant and we dont have shit to talk about. secondly what does it matter? why are you mad at me? i dont owe you shit.. BITCH WAKE UP WE BOTH GOT PLAYED. yeah i was his girl but he was fucking you, so i, in no way came out on top in this situation. honestly i dont give two shits about it anymore.. well i dont care about mr.b and what he sticks his dick in or what he do on his own time. but for shaneika to say she dont like me off some dude when first i aint even associate with her back then so i dont owe her shit plus he is the one that deceived her not me, its like heffa please shut the fuck up.. cause to me thats just stupid.. and you telling other people how you feel about me instead of being grown woman about yours and coming to me. i have no respect for that shit. none at all. honestly at the end of the day i give him his props and respect cause he played half a campus of females and did that shit without anyone finding out until two or so years later... nothing but props cause he deserve that shit... but for her all i have to say is get over it cause WE BOTH GOT PLAYED... clearly you more than me since you still my ex man was a cheater and still is a cheater, i dont have to live with it cause we are no longer together, but reality is he does not care about anyone enough to be faithful to them (at least during this stage of his life) it dont bother me because i have moved on. but man is shaneika one silly hoe.. and im done. 



Secretia November 22, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

Everybody gets played is right.


RoByn LaTice November 23, 2009 at 1:23 AM  

I hate females that do that too. I was in a simliar situation. The girl wouldnt talk about it to me, she act like everything was good when she was with me. but she ws walking around talking to my friends about me. Telling them that I took what was hers and if i wasnt in the picture things would be better. Warning my friends saying dumb shit like " Be careful around her, she will take your man". When it's like excuse came in the picture after me..and bitch it aint my fault that he dont love you but all in my face professing his love. UGh, at the end of the day he was playing both of us and she was only mad at me. I'm like "Bitch get yoself a life quickly, cause Im not the one to play games with yo ass...ESPECIALLY not over him" Ughh, I hate that shit so much!

tha unpretentious narcissist © November 27, 2009 at 10:47 PM  

lmao@ bitch we both got played.

obviously she was trying a little hard to make her shit sound more important then it was.

xxxx November 28, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

@ unpretentious you are absolutely right about that, its annoying, im like really.. we all know wht you were and what it is. and the same goes for me. i dont understand what the competition is for it happened two years ago and we played the both of us.. so simple..smh